Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pounding Pavement Finally

Today has been a rough day. With this brace, I now can point out were my hand hurts.And it has been painful.Sometimes my Fingers are tingly. I looked it up on web MD and I have signs of it. I am going to call the doctor's office and find out if he write me a second script for a second brace.I was sweating so bad walking I had to wash it and let it dry.

We walked 2 miles this evening at a brisk walk.No time,just a get back out there walk. If I have less pain than today I will walk to the gym,less than a mile away,and get on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

Points today 28.
sit ups 0

We have our first Team Voice sit up challenge and push up challenger winner. Joggerblogger.He is at 1090 and still going. Check out his blog. It is under my friends list. Great job JB, now E is wanting to get in on this. And Mrs.JB has reached her weight loss goal.22 lbs. She is also on weight watchers!!!! Great job!!!!

So who is going to be next?? 8 picture frames left. :)


caballerofan said...

Totally understand the thinking of just get out there and do it. I do hope your arm heals soon.

How's your neighbor doing?

DebWDW said...

I bet the brace will definitely help over time. If you don't get a second script, I found a reasonably priced brace a few years ago at a drugstore.

I'll email my cell phone number to Jonathan to send to you. If you decide to run down to Disney while I'm there, you can email me or even call me at that last minute. I'm arriving Friday night and leaving at the crack of dawn Monday morning to go back to Tampa. I plan to spend one day at AK -- there's stuff there that I want to spend more in-depth time looking at. Then I'll split the other day and two nights between the other three parks.

I'm so excited about being there again!

MikeF. said...

Hey Rae not to take away from what JB has done, but you might want to go to the AATM forums under "post how you are doing" and check out my march 10th post and cullec's march 17th post. Good to hear you are back out there again.

Joggerblogger said...

Cool :-)

Hope that the arm/hand starts to sort itself out.

Basil said...

Seeing JB completing the Sit up/ Push up challenge has reinvigorated me!! I'm determind now to get to 1000. I've got 400 to go and only 10 days to do it, but I'm pretty sure I can bang them out.

I hope the brace helps the hand