Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Can't Beleive It!!!

I have to say alot .A lot has been going on the last couple of days.

I haven't made it back to the gym. Bad me. I know my pace is going to be off. I have to get that back up.

We have a new toy .Love it!!!!

We may be going to WDW this weekend. My birthday in all...

We may not go. Our good friend and neighbor and one of our Team Voice donors. Actually the city fire department is. Yes they are collecting pennies for us.
Any way.......

He has been very ill since he returned from vacation, and has became worse over the last month.He refused to go the doctors.And while at work yesterday,he got ill and coughing so bad he could not catch his breath. They took him to the hospital.
I just found out this morning, from one of his co workers,who brought him some food to his house since his parents are in town,and told me. He is in ICU, with fluid around his heart,chf,and a blood clot in his heart. OMG!!!!!! He is younger than me. So it will depend on his condition if we go.

I will add his name to my Minnie 15k shirt.

Look over in my favorite places and look just under, the wdw registration . There is a new link. Home Fitness Equipment. He offered to donate to us, if I put a a link to his site.I did. Since I do not have PayPal, I had him donate directly to the Dream Team. If you would allow him to have a link on your page he will donate to you as well. Let me know and I will give you his e-mail address.

I have 9 picture frames for the sit up and push up challenge. Is one of those going to be yours??
Please do not worry about the cost,I have access to the Disney warehouses here.Great prices.
The one store is going to be closing,to be renovated,and will be hiring when they reopen.I was told by the store manger. I have been bugging them since 2004.It is the Disney company owned stores. They know me by name and now E TOO.:)

Tonight is pin trading night in the Miami store.I hope they have grab bags!!! :)


Matt said...

Oh my gosh that's horrible. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Lighter note:

Disney has park outlet stores in FL? Just another reason why I'm moving there after I'm through with school!

DisHippy said...

Well, I must say I will be thinking about your friend. My uncle had heart problems recently and had to get a 5 bypass surgery. I definitely know that it's hard to deal with. I hope everything works out for the best. Just know that there is always support here.

caballerofan said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your neighbor.

Good Luck on the grab bag.