Friday, March 14, 2008

Guess Where I am Going????

{ We are in the last row in the ride}
3 guesses , and first 2 do not count. :) No not the not to the Tundra.......oh yes!!!!

Disney World!!!! Main Street USA!!!

I can't wait to go.Get away from here and be recharged and find my groove. The kids say they do not want to go but when we get there they are having to much fun, and they do not want to go home. This will be a nice break for them right after the fcat testing.

Our neighrbor,update he had surgery yesterday.Come to find out he had a heart attack while away on vacation.Not altitude sickness.He had an 80 % blockage in one artery,and they were able to remove the clot. He also has a enlarged heart.Not enough exercise.And I found out, he is 3 years older than me!! He look much younger. It will be a while before he can come home.And the guys from the fire department are coming by and they are going to do some work on his home to surprise him when he does come home. The doctor had to step in and tell them no more visitors.Wait till he is out of icu. His entire family is here and they are thr nicest people I have met in a while.

This made me stand back and look at myself. I haven't been walking/jogging at all. I have to so that won't be me.:) I have to find my groove.Where did it go??

It is spring break in Centeral FL. So finding some lodging was a challenge all in it's own. We won't be staying on site,which is fine by me, we won't ever be in the room anyway. I can update my blog while there, and add pictures.

Oh yeah the Osmonds are at Disney today,I just didn;t hear which resort.Maybe we will run in to them. I remember watching them when I was a kid.

I am on the phone trying to set up to have breakfast in the castle on Sunday.E hasn't been in the castle yet.And that is my birthday. I don't want to sounds selfish but I do hope we can get picked for a dream wish.

No grab bags for pins at the pin trading event.There is going to be an event at the Contemporary tonight and we thought we may go . They didn't even have the 1.99 pins. And they playthe same game all the time PINGO. So I picked up some of the others pins. Some of the people that were at the event were pulling small suitcases full of pins.And cork boards full of pins.I do not know why the S.FL. people are not nice.We could not get them to talk to us if you hung a huge pin around my neck. I didn't reconize anyone, and the one CM asked me if I have ever been there before.It has been 6 weeks since I have been in their store. The manager knew us!!! Well We tried to work the crowd and maybe a couple of new listeners will pop up.Yes I wore my shirt.

Points yesterday: 28

sit ups: 15

miles: 0

My arm was really good yeasterday,so I drove my car.Well My arm was tired and weak after driving my car,and sore. :( Today sore,but not painful.

Got to go! Got to get ready and finish packing the car and E will be home shortly and we are outta here!!!!

As I told Jonathan I will tell Mickey, hello for him and eveyone else!! I will even blog proof!!

I will also get a look at the graiffe's again too. :)

JB we will have I ce cream in a waffle bowl for ya!!! I can't till all of you are here and we all can have one together.

And I will make sure I visit Donald And tell him about our quest that we are on for 2009 and see if he will be there to see all of us. And last of all maybe we will see that crazy sugar glider,Shandy. He hangs out over in the AK.

Oh yes got to get a look at the new Hollywood Studios. Alot to do.Little time to do it all in.

BTW if you do not have a ps3, it is awesome!!!!! I don't know why we waited so long to get one.


Craig - said...

Kids don't want to go to Disney World??? What's up with that.

Happy Birthday!

Matt said...

There's something wrong with those kids!

I'm so glad that your neighbor is doing better, and that's really nice of his fellow firemen to suprise him like that. My dad is a fireman.

Have a Happy Birthday!