Saturday, March 1, 2008

Challenge #3 and Car shopping....

Just got in from car shopping and I tell you,what a mess!! I found 2 that I really like. Focus zx3 one is all power with leather,and the other is really nice with some after market work.{sweet} The all power ,Steeda yellow really low under 5,000 miles, and the, dark blue,is under 40,000 miles, both drive sweet. I like the Steeda yellow, cause it looks like a euro Focus, and has the motor under the Coggsworth,and low miles. And I like the dark blue due to the modifications done to it and it is running a duratec ??And it will get nearly 40 miles to a gallon of gas.The other one only 30.

Ok now on to the Team Voice Challenge for March #3:
I made some adjustments to the challenge.And do not over due!!! And you should be enrolled for you first 5k ever or for this year. 3/8 Ocean Dr. 5k for me.Even if it is not till May.Register for it!!!!!

First challenge for the beginner:
2 miles
4 x a week. total mileage : 8 miles
One long @ 4 miles
total miles for the week: 12 miles
Total for the month: 48 miles

Second Challenge for the intermediate:
3 miles
4 x a week.Total mileage, 12
one long @ 5 miles
total miles for the week: 17
total for the month: 72

Third Challenge for the Advanced:
4 miles
4 x a week, total mileage: 16
one long , 8.1 miles
total weekly mileage: 24.1
Total mileage for the month: 96.4

Now this is for everyone.

Sit up and push up challenge:
Yes this is for everyone.You do not have to do this one but I am willing to award the a Disney gift to the one who can do the sit ups/push ups and complete the challenge. It is not going to be easy. Last month I did 125.SO I am setting the numbers high.
If you can reach the 1000 goal mark,{Yes 1000 it's not a typo }
I have a great Disney 4x7 Frame I will post a picture later. You have to do them honestly.

Ok that is it. Just let everyone know which challenge you are doing and how the sit up /push up challenge is,

I did the bike yesterday,I barely made the 10 miles, but I did in 45 minutes on hills.
sit ups today:15
miles :not yet


MikeF. said...

Sup Rae so like which challenge are you doing? I am taking on the Novice.

Rae! said...

Over on my right there is the mileage listed for challenge #3! :)

DebWDW said...

Thanks for prepping three levels of challenges! I think it's great! I didn't make the Feb goal either, but you and me both -- and Matt and maybe a few others -- had some roadblocks during the month.

Every day that I read your blog, it seemed like you were hanging in there pretty well -- and I was amazed and impressed. I would have felt guilty adding to your pressure by bugging you about your training dropping off! But that's so like you to tell us all to speak up and whack you!

caballerofan said...

I'll be taking on what you have labled Novice but doesn't novice mean inexperienced?

As for the sit up challenge are you talking about crunches or the full on military sit up?

How's your arm?

Matt said...

I'm going to "TRY" the Novice. I can't let Mike take all of the Glory, lol!

Rae! said...

Regular old sit ups. Count them together,and I didn't know that Novice was beginner I thought it was advanced. oops!

Arm still hurts on and off. I go to the new doc in 2 weeks.

I am doing the 72 miles.

I had spoke to a couple of runner's here and they gave me the advice for this challenge.

Count them together. the su/pu

caballerofan said...

I like the different levels. It offers goals for everyone.

Keep after those miles. Has E decided to take on one of the goals?

Best wishes on your upcoming 5K.

MikeF. said...

Hey Matt I always share the glory. Jeff is doing the "novice" and I know he will finish. He will be there probably before me. I better see you at the finish line of this one Matt. Rae great job on the diff. levels. Lets call the novice "I think I am an expert". ;) Keep moving forward!

Matt said...

I was thinking that Novice (as in a beginner nun) ment beginner, but I wasn't going to say anything.

Mike- You WILL see me at this finish line... come heck or high water we'll all share in the glory of finishing this challenge. That's partly why I chose the "I think I am an Expert" challenge, so that I can regain some lost ground.

Rae! said...

I changed it!!!!!!!
Good Luck to everyone and stay injury free!!!!!

caballerofan said...

To quote mikef
"I think I am an expert". too funny. I like it. LMAO.

MikeF. said...

Ok Rae I said I would be all over you. Where is your miles for the month so far. You better be out there. I am not going to let you fail this challenge. There now that I said that I hope all is well.

Joggerblogger said...

Car shopping is a nightmare - hope you sort one out for yourselves soon.

Nice work on TV challenge, I'm going to pick Advanced with a "+" I will do 140 miles - 160 miles this month. If not (apart from injury) all of team voice can slap me, or think of another fitting forfeit.

See ya!