Monday, March 17, 2008

Back From The World..

Right off I want to say thank you for the birthday wishes.

I have no pictures to share.My memory card,just stopped working and I lost all my pictures that I took over the weekend.One of my favorites was me and Cabero Donald. This was th first time I have seen him. Then Chef Mickey,Minnie and Goofy. Goofy called me in the Mouse Gear shop yesterday and sang Happy Birthday to me!!!!!! That was so cool I teared up. The cast members were so cool this trip.I had pictures of the ones who were my favorites and I do not have their pictures now.I am going to take the card over and see if it is still any good.

We did not go to the water parks yesterday. I love them.I do all of them.But I knew the water was going to be to cold for the arm. Cold makes it hurt. :(

We had 44 pins with us to trade and we came home with 4 left over. I collect the Hidden Mickey's.
E collects Goofy.

I will have to say as soon as you can book for your restaurants. With the new dinning plans it is hard to get some Adl's set. Like the Castle. We were able to get an ADL in Germany.I like eating there. The food was good and the entertainment was great. I got this great birthday card and a kookie. Plus in Epcot they will give you a cookie over in the Seasons.I got stickers and coins and even a pin. This was the best birthday I have had.It beats out last years. BTW E's birthday is the same day as the half marathon. :)

I am glad we went to WDW. I needed the reminder why I was training and why I was not going to give up. I see the new Doctor tomorrow and I hope this one can figure out what is going on. It was acting up during the trip and all. Today is painful. This is what keeps me from doing any thing.

Everyone would have got a good laugh yesterday too. I went to make a fist with my sore arm hand and I ended up shooting a bird!!!!!!! hahahahha My middle finger wouldn't bend!!!!! hahahaha. :)

I have a rice crispy treat that is the size of a large dinner plate,and on top of it is a solid chocolate Mickey head!!!!!!! I will post a picture tomorrow. That is my birthday cake!!!

Sit ups : 35

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Craig - said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Wish I could go more often...