Monday, March 31, 2008

End of The Month...

Here we are at the end of another month. 10 months to go.
I sure did not make the Team Challenge for this month. :( I have to work nearly everyday to regain where I was so I do not get swept at the Minnie 15k Next month. So we started yesterday.
2.0 miles in 32 minutes I wasn't trying.Then for good measure we did another .5 So we did 2.5 miles.

Points :28
sit ups: 20
E sit ups : 30
miles 2.5 miles

Team Voice News:
Please send me an e- mail with your addresses so I can get the Frames out. I did post a picture of them.And for those of you who have thank you and I will get it out soon as possible.

I will post the new challenge tomorrow with the sit up-push up challenge. And E is putting the final touches on the Shirts we all be wearing in May and I will put them up in Cafe Press. I have the PC back up and coping pictures from the camera again. So I will work on posting new pictures.

Up Date
The Minnie 5k is 55% full, and the 15k is 60 % full.Plus registration will go up April 12Th!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yard selling

Let's all welcome Mike!!!!
Let's all welcome him. He is our Slogan winner and he is a member of Team Voice.

I have to add to what Heath and Deb have said about making friends on line. I have made friends that live on the other side of the pond and we now get together every October at WDW. I have had the chance to meet some of the bloggers,and some from the forums. I like the fact that I am not the only Disney nut out there. My nurses,uniforms are all Mickey.

So Jonathan has put it out there for April.30 days, and miles everyday. no breaks. We can do that. Not even one day off?? I think we will continue the sit up and push ups.I will do an official write up on the first.

Points were 26 for yesterday.
We went to a birthday party yesterday. We would have had a better time if this person did not show up. We have bad blood. I won't be going anymore if this person is going to be around.

So far today the yard sale is going good. Made $60 plus dollars so far. :)
Everyone have a good weekend !!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hand Update

No surgery on the hand and I can go back to work in 2 weeks. It is getting better.

I think we are going to do the 15k. :)


A quick hello and a picture of the frame I found online since my pc wont up load pictures from the camera at the moment. Headed out to the Doctor's and I will up date after I get back.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Am Not Going Any Where...

Thanks for the support. I am not going any where I just have to get it out or I will feel yucky.
The hand little to no pain,I can pick up a glass and not drop it. BUT my fingers tingle. I have been using a stress ball to keep from loosing strength in the hand. We have a trip coming up in May.I am worried that we are not going to be able to go for the full time. I am worried that I am not going to be ready to do the 15k. It is the last Minnie.{sigh}I just made it back out the door in 5 weeks of nothing.

I do not want to let the family down. I don't want to let myself down. Tomorrow afternoon is the tell all. I feel that my hand isn't ready to work just yet.{ I still can't pick up a gallon of milk, let alone a patient.}But I can pick up a glass with water in it. It is a start. :) I can't shift the gears in my Mustang, I will have to try in E's since his is stock 5.0 :)

I haven't really got any ideas for April's Challenge. I was thinking of a continuing this month into next month.Any ideas ,suggestions?? This is a Team effort.

Points yesterday 26
I got on the scale. I wasn't looking forward to that.But {always} I have not gained or loss any I maintained. WOW!!! I thought I would have gained.

We are going to have a yard sale this weekend. Spring cleaning. And I have replaced a lot of my kitchen stuff with new Disney items. Sweet!!!!!
I will update my exercise later.I think I will take it easy the rest of the week and start fresh on Sunday with speed and time.

The Minnie isn't that far off.Got to maintain that 15 minute mile....


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sleep... Finally

I have been absent a lot lately. I have been fighting with myself. I have been and told E that I was thinking about selling my spot in the half. I have been very worried with this hand. It has got me down.

E and I talked it out yesterday.He was actually upset with me even thinking that.Let alone saying it. I guess I needed to say it,since then even E has pushed us back into the gym. Yes I made it in the gym. After 5 weeks, I did 30 minutes on the proctor.I did 2.15 miles in that 30 minutes. It was the longest 30 I have done in a long time. I didn't have my i pod,gee I haven't even updated it or listen to any pod cast lately. I have just been absent.

I had a good nights sleep last night. First time in a long time.I even woke up like I was going to work time.I feel good today. FJ was up to so went went for a brisk walk this morning. 33 minutes and did 1.80 miles. We had breakfast this morning. A First time in a long time Fj and I got along.

So far the hand is not so painful.Weak but not painful. The pain starts in the early afternoon.We shall see how today goes.

Points yesterday 26.
gym : 30 minutes 2.15 miles
abdominal curls: 90 lbs.,50 x
back ext.:110 lbs., 50 x
sit ups: 15

this am:
walked: 1.80 miles in 33 minutes.

I am not selling my spot in the half :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not Much Here

Today the hand is not very happy. And the weather is ugly today.
Not a lot going on here.

It completely depends on the hand and what the doctor plans to do, I decided to go and meet up with WDW Deb in the kingdom in April. I think I will have more fun with her.:)

Points last couple days 28-30.

Oh yes and our neighbor came home a couple days ago. He is doing better and he still is not fully out of the woods, but better. :)

Other than that, that's it for the last couple days. No miles.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pounding Pavement Finally

Today has been a rough day. With this brace, I now can point out were my hand hurts.And it has been painful.Sometimes my Fingers are tingly. I looked it up on web MD and I have signs of it. I am going to call the doctor's office and find out if he write me a second script for a second brace.I was sweating so bad walking I had to wash it and let it dry.

We walked 2 miles this evening at a brisk walk.No time,just a get back out there walk. If I have less pain than today I will walk to the gym,less than a mile away,and get on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

Points today 28.
sit ups 0

We have our first Team Voice sit up challenge and push up challenger winner. Joggerblogger.He is at 1090 and still going. Check out his blog. It is under my friends list. Great job JB, now E is wanting to get in on this. And Mrs.JB has reached her weight loss goal.22 lbs. She is also on weight watchers!!!! Great job!!!!

So who is going to be next?? 8 picture frames left. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hand up Date

The Doctor I saw today is nice. It took forever to be seen. We sat from 2:45p till 5:30 before we got in to the room. He did a nerve test and had me do some other little test and he believes it is carpal tunnel. So now I am wearing a ten degree brace.I have to sleep in it too. Then I go back in 2 weeks and I will most likely get to go back to work.I will have to wear this thing all the time.And he wants to do a bone test and an x-ray.

No holding back on training. We are going to walk 2 miles tonight.And I will be back in the gym starting tomorrow.I have to wear this brace.

Are You Going?

"A Wild Decade" <span class=PDF"> Print E-mail

A Wild Decade Logo

"A Wild Decade"

A WDWCelebrations Commemorative Event in honor of Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary

April 22, 2008

WDWCelebrations is pleased to announce its first Commemorative Event, “A Wild Decade,” in honor of Animal Kingdom’s 10th Anniversary on April 22, 2008. Building on the success of Celebration 25, “A Wild Decade” will focus on unique experiences, including group rides, photos, meals, and other special events designed to bring Disney fans together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. For more information about this event, click the "A Wild Decade" link in the menu to the left.

Mouse Fan Travel®, our official travel provider, has put together several resort packages for the event. More information is available on our Exclusive Resort Packages page.

Registration for "A Wild Decade" will close on April 14, 2008.

Tentative Schedule

7:00 - 8:30 amRegistration
9:00 amPark Opening
9:00 amRededication Ceremony
10:00 amExpedition Everest Group Ride
11:00 amQueue up for Finding Nemo: The Musical
11:30 amFinding Nemo: The Musical Group Show
1:00 pmHistory Walk
3:00 pmGroup Meal
5:00 pmGroup Photo
5:15 pmPresentation of Donation to WDW Dream Team
5:30 pmTBD
7:45 pmCountdown to Fin (Dinosaur Last Ride of the Night Meet)

Please note this schedule is tentative and is subject to change!

Registration for this event is free!

Click here to register!

So are you going ?? I am and I will be going solo.Kids will be in school and E will be working.

I am hoping that I can hit the gym today after the Doctor's appointment.I am feeling the effects of not going.I don't care if I lift any weights just get back on the elliptical.

Points yesterday: 28

I did 35 sit ups and stretches. As soon as I know what is going on after the doctor's appt. I will know if I will be entering the 15k at the Minnie.Even if I do not get to do that we are still going.

I will update after the Doctor appt.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Back From The World..

Right off I want to say thank you for the birthday wishes.

I have no pictures to share.My memory card,just stopped working and I lost all my pictures that I took over the weekend.One of my favorites was me and Cabero Donald. This was th first time I have seen him. Then Chef Mickey,Minnie and Goofy. Goofy called me in the Mouse Gear shop yesterday and sang Happy Birthday to me!!!!!! That was so cool I teared up. The cast members were so cool this trip.I had pictures of the ones who were my favorites and I do not have their pictures now.I am going to take the card over and see if it is still any good.

We did not go to the water parks yesterday. I love them.I do all of them.But I knew the water was going to be to cold for the arm. Cold makes it hurt. :(

We had 44 pins with us to trade and we came home with 4 left over. I collect the Hidden Mickey's.
E collects Goofy.

I will have to say as soon as you can book for your restaurants. With the new dinning plans it is hard to get some Adl's set. Like the Castle. We were able to get an ADL in Germany.I like eating there. The food was good and the entertainment was great. I got this great birthday card and a kookie. Plus in Epcot they will give you a cookie over in the Seasons.I got stickers and coins and even a pin. This was the best birthday I have had.It beats out last years. BTW E's birthday is the same day as the half marathon. :)

I am glad we went to WDW. I needed the reminder why I was training and why I was not going to give up. I see the new Doctor tomorrow and I hope this one can figure out what is going on. It was acting up during the trip and all. Today is painful. This is what keeps me from doing any thing.

Everyone would have got a good laugh yesterday too. I went to make a fist with my sore arm hand and I ended up shooting a bird!!!!!!! hahahahha My middle finger wouldn't bend!!!!! hahahaha. :)

I have a rice crispy treat that is the size of a large dinner plate,and on top of it is a solid chocolate Mickey head!!!!!!! I will post a picture tomorrow. That is my birthday cake!!!

Sit ups : 35

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

A quick hello!!!! Have you birthday at WDW. It was a lot of fun. Chef Mickeys was a blast.We couldn't even get seated and They had already started with Birthday. By the time I came back from getting breakfast,there was a place mat waiting and Goofy ran over and sang Happy Birthday to me. The best he could. I spoke to Donald and he said he will be more than happy to have all Of Team Voice over in Jan. after the half.

While we were in Hollywood Studios, we went into Animation and noticed how busy they were and their was this table with a lot of people sitting there. We found out they were all artist that created the art in animations.That was so cool.I took their picture they let the kids take one with them and signed a brochure.I will up load the pictures later.

Have you ever seen the retrieval of the Flag?? That was a really neat ceremony and they gave the flag to a vet they picked out of the crowd.

Oh yes did you know that Mickey Mouse is turning 80 this year?? Well part of the celebration they made the Disney Money all of them with his Picture on all of it!!!

They did some more changes to the Haunted Mansion. Very cool.
We are going to the water parks soon so I have to go.I will update with pictures,My computer will not load the pictures card without the darn program. So ........

The pedometer said we walked 26.8 miles yesterday.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Raining On The Kingdom

Good day from the wonderful world of Disney. Well just outside of it .By the time we got here yesterday it was rainning,and the Mk closed early. So we checked in to the hotel and ate dinner and headed out to Disney Quest. We were there till they closed.

Today we are going head out to go have breakfast with Chef Mickey. He could pencil us in,Cinderella could not. Then from there, we will just have a blast.We will be headed over to Hollywood Studios.Mk closes late tonight !!!

The arm was misbehaving last night and it was hard to do some of the games .So far this morning it is ok.

Points yesterday 36.

No sit ups.

Miles 0.

I will have to work on my miles.

Yes can you believe that the kids do not want to be here.?! Now that we are here they can't wait to get going. Weird.

Have a great day!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Guess Where I am Going????

{ We are in the last row in the ride}
3 guesses , and first 2 do not count. :) No not the not to the Tundra.......oh yes!!!!

Disney World!!!! Main Street USA!!!

I can't wait to go.Get away from here and be recharged and find my groove. The kids say they do not want to go but when we get there they are having to much fun, and they do not want to go home. This will be a nice break for them right after the fcat testing.

Our neighrbor,update he had surgery yesterday.Come to find out he had a heart attack while away on vacation.Not altitude sickness.He had an 80 % blockage in one artery,and they were able to remove the clot. He also has a enlarged heart.Not enough exercise.And I found out, he is 3 years older than me!! He look much younger. It will be a while before he can come home.And the guys from the fire department are coming by and they are going to do some work on his home to surprise him when he does come home. The doctor had to step in and tell them no more visitors.Wait till he is out of icu. His entire family is here and they are thr nicest people I have met in a while.

This made me stand back and look at myself. I haven't been walking/jogging at all. I have to so that won't be me.:) I have to find my groove.Where did it go??

It is spring break in Centeral FL. So finding some lodging was a challenge all in it's own. We won't be staying on site,which is fine by me, we won't ever be in the room anyway. I can update my blog while there, and add pictures.

Oh yeah the Osmonds are at Disney today,I just didn;t hear which resort.Maybe we will run in to them. I remember watching them when I was a kid.

I am on the phone trying to set up to have breakfast in the castle on Sunday.E hasn't been in the castle yet.And that is my birthday. I don't want to sounds selfish but I do hope we can get picked for a dream wish.

No grab bags for pins at the pin trading event.There is going to be an event at the Contemporary tonight and we thought we may go . They didn't even have the 1.99 pins. And they playthe same game all the time PINGO. So I picked up some of the others pins. Some of the people that were at the event were pulling small suitcases full of pins.And cork boards full of pins.I do not know why the S.FL. people are not nice.We could not get them to talk to us if you hung a huge pin around my neck. I didn't reconize anyone, and the one CM asked me if I have ever been there before.It has been 6 weeks since I have been in their store. The manager knew us!!! Well We tried to work the crowd and maybe a couple of new listeners will pop up.Yes I wore my shirt.

Points yesterday: 28

sit ups: 15

miles: 0

My arm was really good yeasterday,so I drove my car.Well My arm was tired and weak after driving my car,and sore. :( Today sore,but not painful.

Got to go! Got to get ready and finish packing the car and E will be home shortly and we are outta here!!!!

As I told Jonathan I will tell Mickey, hello for him and eveyone else!! I will even blog proof!!

I will also get a look at the graiffe's again too. :)

JB we will have I ce cream in a waffle bowl for ya!!! I can't till all of you are here and we all can have one together.

And I will make sure I visit Donald And tell him about our quest that we are on for 2009 and see if he will be there to see all of us. And last of all maybe we will see that crazy sugar glider,Shandy. He hangs out over in the AK.

Oh yes got to get a look at the new Hollywood Studios. Alot to do.Little time to do it all in.

BTW if you do not have a ps3, it is awesome!!!!! I don't know why we waited so long to get one.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Can't Beleive It!!!

I have to say alot .A lot has been going on the last couple of days.

I haven't made it back to the gym. Bad me. I know my pace is going to be off. I have to get that back up.

We have a new toy .Love it!!!!

We may be going to WDW this weekend. My birthday in all...

We may not go. Our good friend and neighbor and one of our Team Voice donors. Actually the city fire department is. Yes they are collecting pennies for us.
Any way.......

He has been very ill since he returned from vacation, and has became worse over the last month.He refused to go the doctors.And while at work yesterday,he got ill and coughing so bad he could not catch his breath. They took him to the hospital.
I just found out this morning, from one of his co workers,who brought him some food to his house since his parents are in town,and told me. He is in ICU, with fluid around his heart,chf,and a blood clot in his heart. OMG!!!!!! He is younger than me. So it will depend on his condition if we go.

I will add his name to my Minnie 15k shirt.

Look over in my favorite places and look just under, the wdw registration . There is a new link. Home Fitness Equipment. He offered to donate to us, if I put a a link to his site.I did. Since I do not have PayPal, I had him donate directly to the Dream Team. If you would allow him to have a link on your page he will donate to you as well. Let me know and I will give you his e-mail address.

I have 9 picture frames for the sit up and push up challenge. Is one of those going to be yours??
Please do not worry about the cost,I have access to the Disney warehouses here.Great prices.
The one store is going to be closing,to be renovated,and will be hiring when they reopen.I was told by the store manger. I have been bugging them since 2004.It is the Disney company owned stores. They know me by name and now E TOO.:)

Tonight is pin trading night in the Miami store.I hope they have grab bags!!! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday

Well new week new views.

The half Marathon is full so it is now closed. The full marathon is at 50%.

After the last two weeks of car shopping we have made the decision not to buy a car.Yes it would be cheaper on gass and maintance,but if we wait till next year this time we can buy the car we are looking at brand new instead of used. We will have to use the rag top for our main car.We ordered a new top for it and the hose for the a/c and it will be ready. Then mine we will still work on to get ready for the track.I can't wait. Couple of the tracks will be having road course weekends and this year we are going. :)

Ok so now I am getting back on track with training.I did 35 sit ups last night,I am going to the gym and getting back on the pretor and starting out at 30 minutes and work my way back up to an hour. Headed back outside to start putting in the miles and working on my pace since we can do a 5k this month.It was pouring down rain over the weekend so we didn't get to do any.

MY points I have not been counting like I was before,but I have not done any extra eatting.Still maintaining my weight 210-209. My arm well I go to docs next week.I can not wait.I am getting bored here at home. The arm isn't right but I have been having some good hours.The swelling hasn't been as bad.But when it hurts it is pain ful and keeps me up all night.Like lastr night, and goes away.I think it is carpal tunnel.

This coming weekend is my birthday.My girlfriends rag me about getting older, it doesn't bother me. I am glad to here on this planet.

The Minnie Marathon is coming and closing in on us. I am excited.
Wait till you see the shirt we made out of bordom.We got some of the t-shirt paint and made a shirt that I wear training.It says I am training for the WDW half Marathon 13.1 miles and on the front real big it says Team Voice. We are going to head down this week or the next to look in to the shirts for running.And we were going to pick a couple patterns out and put them on Cafe press.And we are having a couple sample stickers made up.

I picked up a few of the frames for the challenge.I hope everyone will like them.I have to catch up on posting pictures.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Short and Sweet

Nothing new here.
It has been a week since I have put in any mileage. The arm is just weird. It hates the cold. The cool air makes it hurt and my fingers won't work right. :(

Points, well I haven't been counting this week and I Haven't being eating a lot since I don't do much.{damn Arm}

Have a great weekend!

BTW the half for 09 is 97% full and the full marathon is at 50%

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still Alive And Kicking!!!

Disney Marathon Nets a Record-Setting $7.6M for Charities

Disney Marathon Nets a Record-Setting $7.5M for CharitiesThe 2008 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend was an overwhelming success, with a record- setting 18,000 athletes registering to run the 26.2-mile race and 16,000 for the 13.1 mile race. But beyond the personal triumphs of the athletes, another record was set in January - more than $7.6 million was raised for charities. "The marathon that started 15 years ago as an outlet for runners to reach their athletic goals, has turned into so much more than an athletic event; it's a way for runners to rally around organizations that are making a difference to millions," said Senior Vice President of Disney Sports Enterprises Ken Potrock. Click here to watch a pod cast.

Amazing I think. :)

On the car shopping front we have a few more we plan on looking at today.We got back very late the last couple of nights so no miles. Sorry.

I will pay for it later. We are not going to be doing the 5k this weekend. There is other things going on we just can't go. But there is one the following weekend. I think we are actually going out of town. :) :) :) A couple of ours friends got married and guess where they are and they want us to come up and spend the day with them. They got married last Saturday and I was unable to attend,E went.{damn kids} ,plus we were car shopping before the wedding and after.

I am glad that everyone likes the different levels for the challenge. I was speaking with some of the runner's and the shop where I get my shoes and this is what I came up with. And we can call the last one Expert ,I don't care ...... :)

Points range between 28- and 34 this last few days. Maintaining my weight.

In 2 weeks I go to the new doctors and hopefully find out what is going on inside my right arm.I am so not liking sitting here. There not a lot to do one handed.Some days the arm works and others I can't bend my fingers. And I can hen peck the key board. And for any exercise I have to wear the arm sock to keep the arm from being painful.

And E said he is going to do the intermediate unless he's miles rack up past that.{dout it}

BTW the half is now 93% full

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Challenge #3 and Car shopping....

Just got in from car shopping and I tell you,what a mess!! I found 2 that I really like. Focus zx3 one is all power with leather,and the other is really nice with some after market work.{sweet} The all power ,Steeda yellow really low under 5,000 miles, and the, dark blue,is under 40,000 miles, both drive sweet. I like the Steeda yellow, cause it looks like a euro Focus, and has the motor under the Coggsworth,and low miles. And I like the dark blue due to the modifications done to it and it is running a duratec ??And it will get nearly 40 miles to a gallon of gas.The other one only 30.

Ok now on to the Team Voice Challenge for March #3:
I made some adjustments to the challenge.And do not over due!!! And you should be enrolled for you first 5k ever or for this year. 3/8 Ocean Dr. 5k for me.Even if it is not till May.Register for it!!!!!

First challenge for the beginner:
2 miles
4 x a week. total mileage : 8 miles
One long @ 4 miles
total miles for the week: 12 miles
Total for the month: 48 miles

Second Challenge for the intermediate:
3 miles
4 x a week.Total mileage, 12
one long @ 5 miles
total miles for the week: 17
total for the month: 72

Third Challenge for the Advanced:
4 miles
4 x a week, total mileage: 16
one long , 8.1 miles
total weekly mileage: 24.1
Total mileage for the month: 96.4

Now this is for everyone.

Sit up and push up challenge:
Yes this is for everyone.You do not have to do this one but I am willing to award the a Disney gift to the one who can do the sit ups/push ups and complete the challenge. It is not going to be easy. Last month I did 125.SO I am setting the numbers high.
If you can reach the 1000 goal mark,{Yes 1000 it's not a typo }
I have a great Disney 4x7 Frame I will post a picture later. You have to do them honestly.

Ok that is it. Just let everyone know which challenge you are doing and how the sit up /push up challenge is,

I did the bike yesterday,I barely made the 10 miles, but I did in 45 minutes on hills.
sit ups today:15
miles :not yet