Friday, February 29, 2008

The Last Day of The Shortest Month...

I went out and did 8.1 miles last night{2:14:23 ]. My total for this month is now 40.09. I am going to head over to the gym and cross train and try to put in another 12 miles to make up for my laziness,and kinda being down from this arm.And by the time I was done with the 8.1 miles,my arm was so swollen,and painful.

Next time I am absent from the boards and blogging please feel free to speak up{specially if I don't say I am going away.}. I have been down and I was kicking all of Team Voice to the curb. I felt I lost my groove. Really I still don't feel all there but I am trying. {this arm is driving me crazy!} I got this great e-mail yesterday and it reminded me of all the reasons why I am doing this and I went out out and did 8.1 miles.

For the e-mail THANK YOU!!!!!! :)

So I guess everyone is waiting for March Challenge.#3 I have some loose ends to tie up on that and I will post it in the morning or later on the boards. I will Update if I do the extra miles and post the challenge. :)

Points : 22
Miles: 40.09
sit ups: 125


Anonymous said...

Ooohh, very nice on the 8.1 miles. :-D

MikeF. said...

So ah Rae what is the March challenge? And yes I will keep bugging you on this. Also after seeing this latest blog entry expect me to be on you like white is on rice if you are not getting some sort of exercise in. On that note hope the hand is getting somewhat better.