Friday, February 8, 2008

Jog 3!!!

Some sad news today here in S florida.A runner was hit by a car and died.The driver left the scene.And another one was attacked on UM running the loop. This is why I won't go out alone.

Work was a bear today. :(
I will post my meals for today on Sunday, I did real well.I have to make this short.
No training yesterday, I just ran out of time.

Tonight after work, we went out and did the 3.5 miles. I started out speed walking and went 6 houses and I went in to a slow jog and just kept going. I did a steady 2 miles before i had to slow down to speed walk.I did the 2 miles in 27.54 minutes, walked a 1/2 mile and went back into the jog. I had to slow down again but I did it in 53: 42 minutes. I was jogging!!!! I really was jogging.Last year this time, I couldn't do that at all. :)

I can't believe it!!!
I will add you Kate.:)
Yes please look at the Grand Gatherings link I listed on yesterdays post and Maybe we all can get together and do that after the Half next year. All of us.I think there is 3 to choose from. I think that would be cool. I think it would be cool to do in October JB{hint}

OK I have to get to bed and get to work in the Am. I will try to say hi tomorrow!!!

Team Voice 09'


Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the jogging :-D

Hope work is better for you today.

caballerofan said...

Nice Work Rae!
You did a "Huey +"
3.5 Miles in 53.42 averages out to a 15.26 pace.

Keep Moving Forward!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae. I've always wanted to do the Grand Gatherings thing. And I agree that they all sound good. It's a great idea to organize this.

As for me, I could only commit to it if it were held on Sunday after the marathon. I will be resting after the half marathon on Saturday.

But since most people will be headed home by then I expect you should schedule it for Saturday.

Huey3.27 said...

Upon reflection I should have posted my comments as Huey.
I am staying on property until Tuesday. I may not know if my family is coming until May.

Catch you later,
Jeff W.

DisHippy said...

Just wanted to say great job. Keep it up and the marathon will be no problem. Also, I got pictures of the new disneyland suite on my blog if you hadn't seen them.


DebWDW said...

Congrats on your jogging milestone! I'm learning from you that hard work and consistency really does pay off!

Rae! said...

Thanks Deb!!!!