Sunday, January 20, 2008

A little This A Little That

I know I have not blogged in a few is a pain in the you know what on the blackberry.

My meal choices have been on track. 22 points for yesterday and 30 for the day before.
I have been training. I did this new type of is called the precor works the quads,hamstrings,calfs.I did the hill program,I did cross resistance from 4 to 10,and resistance of 1 to 8. I was on it for a half hour, and I did 2.07 miles,calorie burn of 323, hour of 125 to 132. I was sore on Saturday but it was a good sore.I will go do that one more. It worked the muscles I normally complain about.

Then last night I did 1.70 miles. I was so tired from work that is all I could do. I did it in 29 minutes.

My miles are now 39.84 so far.
We are looking at doing a 10K next month.then a 5k on south beach.
Hopefully we will be back online in a few days!

Team Voice! Many Goals'One Voice!


caballerofan said...

Could you share some of your weather?.
Nice that you have goals throughout the year. I have only been looking at the Dam To Dam in May. Perhaps I should consider some others when things get warmer here.

GO Team Voice!

caballerofan said...