Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Day of The Month....

Today is exam day. I have learned a lot in 4 days. I am glad that I am not in school everyday. Back to work tomorrow.{sigh}

I have not done any training the last couple days. Things just didn't work out where I could. I will today. I am so glad this month is Finally over.

Points yesterday 30
day before 26

No training.

The scanner is not behaving right now so I can not scan in the other Team Voice logo.{grrrr}

I don't have access to a pool. so I was thinking,Maybe we can head to the beach once a week and I can do water running that way. Kids will love to go. I will figure it out.

I will post those who completed the challenge for January tomorrow.

That's it for today short and sweet.

We got in an extra 1.80 for the month at 27;48 :33.
Total for the month : 48.81 miles

I did not have to slow down for any of this, I was nearly at a real slow jog!!!! :)

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