Monday, January 28, 2008

Is This Month Going To End?????

I have listen to AATM, and the most of Disney world trivia. They went over the marathon weekend.I was listening while at the gym. I must say,I can not wait to be able to run through the castle on Main Street.
I have done the TOT 13k,Couple of Local 5k's.We have some more local runs we are going to do.

Yesterday training,
warm up
prector 10 minutes,intervals,.74 miles,hr 135-139,up the resistance.
Incline chest press,10 lbs.,4 x 10
lat pull down,30 lbs.,5x15
seated row, 60 lbs.,3x10
back ext.,90 lbs., x92
leg press 100 lbs.,4 x 10
bicep curl,17.5 lbs.,4 x 10
abdominal, 35 lbs.,4 x 20
Points for yesterday, 26.

I am up to 47.01 miles for this month. I am still working on the 3.5 miles. I am going to add more speed.I have not done any long runs lately and I know I should be doing one per week. I will not be able to till this weekend.

I start a class tonight,And as normal work calls and wants me to come in. Not on the first day of class.When I ask for it I can't get it,but when I need to be off they want me at work. :(

This month has seemed like it has lasted way longer than normal.I am in a hurry to get on with the rest of this year. :)

Team Voice news. I was asked to retell the story of Team Voice over in the Disney World Trivia forums,and maybe offer out to have everyone sponsor a runner in the half next year. Since all the money raised is going to the Dream Team. Ideas???

The shirts for Team Voice E wants to make them out of the material that the work out shirts are made of.I will also put it out there on cafe press.

This is where the idea for the color came from.Look at all the cones!!!!! hahaha

Keep Moving Forward!!!!

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