Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crashing and Weights

My computer crashed I am blogging from my blackberry.please excuse any mis spelling of words.

Went to the gym last night, and started here goes.

Bike,random hills,level 5,30 minutes,H.r.125- 135,10.07 miles,cal.171.
Seated leg curl,45 lbs,4 sets of 10
Leg ext.2 sets at 40 lbs,1 set at 30 lbs,
Bicep curl,1 set at 25 lbs,1 set at 15 lbs,1 set at 12.5 lbs
Tricep curl,30 lbs,3 sets of 10
Leg press,100 lbs,4 sets of 10
Abdominal,25 lbs,50 times
Ab.curl, 100 lbs 50 times
Tri press,60 lbs,2 sets of 12

Meals yesterday,
Toast x 2, 4 points
Oatmeal, 2 points
OJ, 1 point
Half cup of smashed potatoes, 2 points
Baked chicken quater,6
1C of smashed potatoes,2
Green beans, 0
Total points 17 for the day.

So my miles are now 27 for the month.
I will be doing my 3.5 this evening.

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mgreene said...


I would have to question the accuracy of your exercise bike! 10.07 miles in 30 minutes with hills? That's over 20mph which is nearly an all out sprint for most bikers and the fact that your heart rate was only in the 130 range showed you weren't completely exerting yourself. Unless you have the heart/lungs/legs of a world class marathoner, the bike's output seems a little optimistic :)

Rae! said...

I wore m heart monitor that came with my GARMIN and my speed was 19.8 per mile.
My rpm was 87-95. Really!!I will not lie!

mgreene said...

I'm suggesting that - I'm just saying that the computer print out on the bike must be wrong. A sustained (30 minutes) 20mph on a bike with a 5% grade is an enormous workout.

I found this on a biking forum:
8 miles in 40 minutes is 12 mph. This would be a normal speed for a recreational cyclist cruising around. A more serious cyclist would probably be training in the 15 to 20 mph zone and would be racing 20+. But there are a lot of factors that determine speed that have nothing to do with the fitness level of the rider.

However, if your question is "are you working hard enough?" then speed is not the way to tell. It is your heart rate. You want to warm up to a heart rate between 65-85% of your maximum heart rate and then stay in that range until your cool down period. 65% is moderate and 85% is intense. In order to set your zones you need to get a handle on your max heart rate. Here is a link that helps explain MHR:

When cycling concentrate on spinning the pedals fast, 85-95 ppm. Adjust the resistance (or gear) so you can maintain this tempo. You should be winded and not suffering leg fatigue.

At a 20 mph pace the average cyclist will burn approximately 1000 calories per hour.

So your calorie burn rate tells me something is wrong - should have been probably over 500 for that intensity/distance, not 171!

Rae! said...

I will ride a different bike I will take a picture of the screen.
My legs are a bit sore today. I will up my level too.
I thought the calorie burn was low. I will look at the site.

Thanks! :)

caballerofan said...

2hr school delay for the kids due to 6" snowfall today. Why can grown up get that too?

Keep that focus up.
I have not yet registered. Had an unexpected expense come up.
I have checked it all out. The marathon site is taken hotel reservations. Due to other school related issues it may only be me coming down. If so, I am looking at Scopa Towers (Pop Century). If all come down then a moderate possibly French Quarter. Does not really matter to me as long as there is a bed.

Well no delay means I need to get to work. Chat later.

BTW: How's your calf doing?

caballerofan said...

Please add a 't to the word can in the second sentence. Typing too fast this AM.