Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What Next ??

There is a lot of what next.

First I am going to do some updating.

I haven't walked/jog since Friday. MY right foot was hurting to much to do anything.Still is.I went to our local Runner's Depot and got fitted for shoes. My ankles turn in when my foot strike the ground. And I have been wearing the wrong type of support running shoes. The last pair the would not even allow their worst enemy buy. {OOOPs} I tried on 12 pairs and walked all over the store.None of them were giving the support that I need. So finally He came out with Motion control shoes. Now the pressure point on my arch is not hurting. I went through all of the ones for that. We had to wait till Sunday before buying a pair of shoes.They didn't have a pair they wanted me to try. My arch is father up on my foot and the arch in most of the shoes is placed back.So I wore a tender spot on my foot.Plus I think it is also tendinitis. We went back and I ended up with a Motion control shoe by Brooks. I love them. They have other brands I like but they were affordable. I will be going back to get my shoes for work with them and they gave us a wealth of information for running groups.

I will be out there pounding the pavement today.

Mouse Fest the Boss knows I will not be there Friday and Sunday. I was unable to switch days with anyone,so I just will call in. I will do that tomorrow at work, That way they know ahead of time and I will remind them on Friday as we are walking out the door.
I can not wait!!!!! It will not be the same without the JB family we will miss all of you dearly. ;)
New friends faces with the voices, being around people who like the WDW as much as I do and I just so can not wait!!!!!! Plus this is our first trip without any kids.I have not been this far away from them for this long. Just E and I in one of my favorite places to be......cccooooollllll!!!!!!
Bringing clothes for cool weather and warm weather,and a poncho in case it rains.
Check list:
trading pins
mouse fest,lanyard,wrist band,pins
carry bag
jogging shoes and attire
I am good!!!!!!

What next Jonathan ask.
I think this month challenge for Team Voice should be maintaining .
Why.This is holiday season,the pressure to not gain is already there,and we all are stressing.
To keep things moving, just maintain and then we start in Jan 08. So think of ideas and challenges we can do as Team Voice. And Remember we need to support Kate for she is running the 1/2M in 2008!!!! I will be there for cheer leading,and the Dream Team Lou is running.
So maintaining will be good for this month.What do we all say to that??? Holiday Maintenance 07.

I have not made very good food choices this last week and I am willing to admit it and I feel bad for it. I have weighed and I am at 215.I haven't moved. I have been bouncing between 213-215. So I am in third place now,but no one has made it to 299 or 199. So do we continue this challenge since we all haven't reach the goal?

Travel safe,Have fun,See you real soon!!!! Team Voice!!!

Walt's Quote Of The Day:
All cartoon characters and fables must be exaggeration, caricatures. It is the very nature of fantasy and fable.

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caballerofan said...

Busy as a bee out here on the Tundra. So busy that I am not certain I will have time to post on the blog tonight.
No exercise again tonight. Main reason, time.
Second, My heel is still bothering me a bit.
Weigh in tomorrow has me concerned. I will at least try to post that before leaving tomorrow.
Hope the new shoes work out well for you.

Catch you later.

Team Voice!!