Sunday, December 23, 2007

Trip Report on Project Surprise

We made it here. It took 20 hours to get here. What normally takes 13 hours. We stopped to eat for breakfast it took 2 hours! Then we got caught up in traffic for 2 hours! We still do not know why. But it was worth it when the kids saw the Kings mountain. their faces,reaction,was so neat!

Then the reaction of E's dad when he saw us in his livingroom it was so priceless! It was so worth it.

Today we just rested and I have to cook my pies and wrap presents.

Tomorrow we are going to Wintergreen,tubing in the the mountains in the snow.They will finally get to see snow. They keep saying that its not going to snow on Christmas Day. I still have my fingers crossed.

I am on my blackberry so no pictures!

Happy Holidays!


caballerofan said...

Merry Christmas!
Did you guys get to play in the snow yet?

Joggerblogger said...

Merry Christmas chaps - Have fun in the snow!