Thursday, December 20, 2007

Project Surprise In Full Swing


First did anyone watch the Biggest Loser Finale??? Holy Cats!!!! They all lost a lot of weight.The one person had lost a whole entire person my size!!!! See alot of hard work and time.It is possible. I think the most of it will be for me is changing eating.I have changed a lot but I know I can do better. How about you???

OK tomorrow back to work.Also tomorrow we are having our Christmas party at work.6p. While I am still working. E will be coming up and bringing the kids and a surprise for my dear friend M.{ if everyone doesn't know by now I like to surprise those I feel that are special in my life} Yes everyone is bringing a covered dish. Me I am cooking homemade cookies and of course they are not going to be high in calories and all natural. Plus I am making enough to take with us to Virginia. BTW.. we will be leaving on Saturday for project Surprise!!! A I hope you are reading this. { i love surprises!!!!} I didn't forget my homemade pumpkin pies.
We rented a 300 M to drive up in. I have been driving it for a couple of days and I really like this car. {pictures later}
I can't wait!!!!! Sunday!!!!!! { I will let everyone in on it after it happens} Oh Yes I will be wearing my AATM shirt to get new pictures!!!!!!

And I can not wait till Christmas. My kids do not think they are getting a PSP for Christmas. I have them convinced they are not, since I can not find the ones they want.What I do on Christmas morning I pick my largest coffee mug{stitch I hate mornings} And I make them wait till I have my first cup of coffee.Of course I do not fill it full{32 oz} They are nearly jumping out of there skin!!!!!! Then we let them open their gifts. I save the best ones of last.Like last year I forgot 2 presents behind the tree, and they sat there until one of the kids fund them. That was about 2p. That was so cool :) . This year We are going to wrap the PSP after we get up there in a really big boxes. Then we are going to have E's Dad put them om the front porch with their names on them.Ring the door bell. Have them bring them in and open them and go through the big boxes and I JUST CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! :) Yes it is cruel but I love the surprise of it!!!!!! They both will be doing a dance. I just know it. :)

Then I have E's birthday.Three weeks later. I was thinking of having a surprise party on the 5th. That is a Saturday before. Cause we will be in Disney the weekend just after his birthday,but I have that planned out too. :) So if I know when your birthday is be careful you may never know What I may do. :) {grinning}

Walt's Quote Of The Day:

I happen to be a kind of inquisitive guy and when I see things I don't like, I start thinking why do they have to be like this and how can I improve them?


caballerofan said...

Ok Christmas confession time. One year our kids had guessed that they were getting a Game Cube. Em and I unwrapped it one night and filled the box with coal.
The kids tore into the box on Christmas morning and we had a nice laugh. We had wrapped the Game Cube in another package.
Maybe that sounds mean but we all laughed about it. The kids were good sports.

The Biggest Loser. I missed the final. I like to see lives transformed but I wonder how these people keep it together in the real world. At the ranch they put in 4 hours of daily exercise. Perhaps for many of them it does indeed become the commitment it should be.
Kudos to the many successes that have been on the show and to those that have been inspired by it.

Rae! said...

Thats funny.I will have to remember that.
Yes I know they were working out 4 hours a day.That is commitment. If we are not worth all the time then why even try??? Think about it.

Joggerblogger said...

300M :-D I like them, we have them over here as well now.

Sounds like Xmas will be fun, frogger's going to love it.

My Birthday is Jan as well :-D

ariane said...

OK, I already have the 2 big boxes at my parents house ready for you guys. They will have NO IDEA!! HA HA. I love surprises too. We bought Caroline a Disney Princess Pontiac Solstice (that's a mouthfull) and we are going to park it in the garage with a big bow on it.