Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My thoughts From Mouse Fest 07

We are back from our trip and I am a day late in trip report. I had to work On Monday and it was crazy busy and I was so tired when I got home I just sat down and fell asleep.

Mouse Fest 07, I am at lost for words right now. We had so much fun to be around adults.First trip with out kids. I always felt like I was forgetting something. {It was the missing of the children.}

Ok I have to say Sunday was hard. It was our last afternoon in the parks, and after meeting everyone,and spending time with everyone and seeing and feeling all the support,for Jonathan and Bryan all About The Mouse.
Team Voice that was an idea that is now live and has true meaning.
It is all overwhelming.
I am not good at good byes. I wasn't going to say anything to anyone, but I did.We were at Lou's trivia meet and what a turn out for that!!! And I learned a lot form Lou that day. Thanks Lou!!!! Cograts to Byron for wining the ipod shuffle!!!!

I was just going to quietly leave but I didn't.We waited till they were done with the last round of trivia so we could say see ya later. Jonathan and Amber are beautiful people,and I am blessed to say you are my friends. I won't get to see you guys again til January 09. I wish we all could have spent more time with you guys but there will be a next time and I am looking forward to that. Team Voice Rocks!!!!!
Jeff,I am so glad we were able to meet you and your wife and spend time with you two. Your passion and kindness and friendship is priceless. I am also blessed to have the two of you for friends as well. Team Voice!!!!
Bryan,It was so much fun to watch you with all the craziness,from the 2 meets and see how much you enjoyed yourself.And you and Jonathan are a great fit for Magic and Mayhem!! Just let us know when you are going to the Kingdom and maybe we can meet you 2 there one time.And you lucky person you...... You were able to help Charles Ridgway out with his books!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!! All About The Mouse has great things happening. Team Voice!!!!!!
Kate thank you ,thank you, thank you, You went out of your way to pick up some cars for E,and you gave me the beautiful fan ornament. I will see you soon, real soon 1/10/08!!!!! You will be the first one to run the 1/2 M since this all has started. Are you excited?! I am And you are running it!!!!!!!! We will be there to cheer you on from the beginning to the end!!!! I will be taking pictures.{as ALways} Team Voice!!!
Byron,I love your camera!!! WoW what set up!!!!! And get pounding that pavement to get ready for the 5k in the Animal Kingdom in 08!!! We will be there for the support and Pictures!!!
Deb, I am so glad to meet you as well.I would have loved to spent more time with you as well and maybe in 09????

I can keep going but I will be here all day if I do. Can you believe that this is the end of the year and registration has already begun for the 09 1/2M?????? I do believe so. So after the holidays I am going to register.How about you?????
Also 2008 is the last year that there is going to be A Minnie Marathon Weekend. I will be there for that too. I have to get my Minnie Medal. What is a Disney collection of Race medals with out the Minnie in there???? :)

Ok Team Voice Maintain this month and everyone think of challenges we can do starting in Jan 08!!!!!! And support Kate for the 08 1/2!!!!!! Byron for the 5k in the AK 08!!!!
Trip report later with pictures!!!!!!!

Train Hard,Have Fun,Stay Injury Free!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rae & E.

I opened the X-mas present you gave me with Aidan when I got home. It is a beautiful Mickey Head ornament. As soon as we opened it Aidan had to run to the tree and put it on. Just beautiful. Thank you so much. :-)

This year our family visited Mt. Vernon for their special X-mas nightime candlelight tours. They add special touches to these tours like having Martha Washington greet guests in the formal dining room and Nellie, her grandaughter, greet guests in the foyer. We also got to go to the special third floor rooms. The event was very special and I highly recommend it for anyone. It is Disney quality entertainment.

Anyway, while we were there I thought of you and your family and thought you might enjoy something unique that you cannot buy in Florida.

BTW - Nathan was disappointed that you did not wait and say goodbye to him. He really wanted to thank you for the present and say goodbye. He might be up to WDW during the 1/2M weekend to take Victoria to the P&P party. I suggested he consider signing up for the 5K if still open.

Rae! said...

Hi Kate!
I will send Nathan an e-mail :(. I am not good at saying bye.The 5k is full it has been since October. I didn't make it either.
I am glad that you and your family like the ornament.

caballerofan said...

Hi Rae,
It was wonderful to meet you and E.
It's always great to make new friends. I am already looking forward to seeing both of you in 09

Thank you again for "everything" you are very kind. I wish you both the best.

Thanks also for picking me up for the Team Voice meet. I am very glad we did that.

Trip reports coming soon to my blog. Be sure to stop by and see the pictures I posted tonight regarding our return home.

Take care, chat later.

Team Voice!!!

DebWDW said...

Hi Rae & E! It was great to meet you and Kate at MouseFest. And thanks for checking out my blog and commenting - that was very cool. So how fast do I have to run/walk for the 13K? Did you say 15-minute miles?