Friday, December 14, 2007

Most Wonderful Time Of The Year..

This Holiday season remember all the fun,family and friends. Trimming the tree or the Menorah. What ever you and your family do for the holidays enjoy it.Don't sweat the small stuff.Enjoy every minute you have,like it was your last day and Have a Happy Holiday.

I had a lot of fun last weekend. Meeting new people and making new friends. Putting faces and voices together. We had no children with us .That was the strange part but it was nice. Our first time seeing the parks in holiday attire.Beautiful. I am not sure if we will make Mouse Fest next Year since it will be so close to the 1/2M. That is when I would like to spend more than the weekend there.Maybe a week. Still planning.We already have plans for next October with the JB family.{TOT13k} {race for the taste 10 k}

Oh yes before I forget. Our small person here has made the All county band.The first in the school to be a 7th grader to make it and be 8th chair out of 20?. Well small person thinks that we are not excited about it. Well since small person is on restriction due to low grades I can say that I am hopping to get tickets that go on sale tomorrow for Hanna Montana.I plan on getting up and sitting at ticket master at 4am to get them. {whew} Like we did for Hilary Duff.

Jonathan??? Hello..... Are you still here??
Just wondering haven't heard from you in almost a week now.

Team Voice News... I posted the pace requirements over at All About the Mouse. From the marathon to the goofy challenge to the 5k. They have already removed the Minnie Marathon weekend.Over at Disney Running they have a link for registration. I will be registering the 4 of us when we get back from holiday.

I have not been keeping track of my meals, so I won't be posting them.I will track them during holiday so I can start from there. I was looking into moving from the gym we have now planet fitness, over to the 24 hour fitness. They offer a better rate with aerobic classes,low impact ones,a pool,and better rate with a personal trainer,and a nutritionist.

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!!!

Walt's Quote of The Day:
Girls bored me - they still do. I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I've ever known.

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caballerofan said...

The Osborne lights were amazing and being there with new friends made it even more so.
This was a great time of the year to visit. I would like to come down for the Holidays again sometime.
Being that we must travel all the way from the Tundra we will most likely make our next trip the 09' half. Although I would enjoy visiting during Mousefest again that might be yet another year off. Unless I were to make a trip down solo. That would be even stranger than leaving just the kids behind. My daughter has been pouting about not going with us. But she loved the potao head parts.

Congrats to you small one. Nicely done.

I see Nathan and Jackie O have joined the "Team". I will have to drop them a line sometime soon. I did meet Nathan and Jackie briefly but did not mention anything more about myself or Team Voice because I did not know they were on board.

You may have noticed I am running a day behind on my blogging. In fact I forgot what I had for lunch yesterday and put nothing down because I do not remember.
I will attempt to make the blog current tonight with my MGM trip report.