Monday, November 5, 2007

Dreams Do Come True,Wishes Granted....

Yes they do come true at WDW.

I was able to meet with a lot of people from blog land. Ride Disney rides with them and Run a Disney race with the most of them.

It was a blast.

We got to see our first MNSSHP. Plus E 's family was there.

Had a birthday party and what fun it was.

We called in to AATM and left a voice message on Monday.

See my shirt!!!! Team Voice!!!!!

WE all together were 10 in the group. We rode Thunder Mountain.


That was fun.As we were exiting the ride the was man there with a counter and counting all of us getting off the ride.I turned to E and said he is getting ready to give out a big wish. No more than me saying that walking around the next Corner we all were stopped by CM's and they were handing out these small packages. We all received one. Then as we continued out of the ride on of the CM"s told us that the only way to get the lanyard was through the Year of A Million Dreams!!! We all got a A Wish Granted!!!! How cool was that!!!!

What away to end the TOT 13k trip.

This is one trip I will not forget. See wishes do come true!!!!!

Meals today:
B: oatmeal,toast with peanut butter
L: smoked Turkey sandwich
D:surprise!!!! I was told it was a surprise by my close friend M. ok dinner is chicken with special spices,sweet potato pie,mac pie,and birthday cake.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!

Team Voice!!


caballerofan said...

Hi Rae,

Glad to hear that you did manage to have a magical time in the Kingdom.

I am so looking forward to getting down there. Our last trip was in 02'.
I booked ADRs this weekend. This will be our first experience with the dining plan.

Could not get the Keys tour so we will be doing Very Merry on the 6th.

Thank you for stopping by and for adding my blog to your list. That is one of the details I still need to add. I Should be able to do that later tonight.

Stay injury free.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about doing the October trip again next year too. I think the weather was pretty good and the lines were practically non-existant. Plus MNSSHP is great fun.

I could not change my ressies for December. All of the resorts are listed as being booked for my dates. Everything. So it looks like I will be doing POP again.

It's just me for the December trip, but my non-DISNEY sister will be joining me for the January trip. She is totally into exercise so at least I know she will enjoy doing the 1/2M.

Since it is just me I haven't booked any ADR's. I did get a ticket for MVMCP.