Thursday, October 4, 2007

Octoberfest /Race for the Kate?? Updated

Another busy day at work yesterday. The pedometer reads 25,921 steps.Which is 11.26 miles. We were headed out to the gym and the family came in to play last night.

I had to set a discuss what we all were doing for the holidays. My Dad is just not wanting to share,and he has too.He is not use to the rest of the family being involved. So we have worked it out and he understands that we are going to be going to E's family for Christmas,and then we will spend the last couple of days with him. At first he wasn't on board but he is and there is no bad feelings here. So by this time it was 11p so no gym. :(

After I am done here I will head out to the gym and get on the elliptical for a while.

B: 1 c yogurt with granola,OJ half a bagel
L: cup of potato leek soup,salad,with a lite Italian.
D: chicken nuggets 8,and 12 fries.{yes I counted them}

Meals :today
B: egg,and 1c potatoes,cup of coffee
L:thai noodles
D:spagetti with sauce,and ground turkey
Will update later!!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
" You have to have confidence in your ability and then be tough enough to follow through" Rosalyn Carter

Miles this week:

elliptical 20 minutes on the total body program, .95 miles,cal.136
TM: 20 min.,incline 1.0-1.5 walking pace 3.4-4.1,1.35 miles,cal 285
walking/jogging,outside 2 miles.


mgreene said...

Cool that you checked out Runner's World! I think it's also great that you do a daily exercise and meal posting - I think you can also find some 1/2 marathon training plans on RW. Keep up the good work!

Rae! said...

Thanks! I have a subscription to the magazine and I get the daily quotes and I felt that this one fit for today.

Joggerblogger said...

:-) glad to have you back posting - where's the pictures?

Rae! said...

when I get back from the gym I will work on the pictures!!! I will let you know when they are up JB. :)