Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Magic Kingdom

Good Morning from the kingdom!I am going over and have breakfast before I leave this morning. It is raining here. I hope everyone has a safe trip home, Tet was a lot of fun and I have a lot of pictures to share and JB I hope you got the post card we sent from Epcot!

I walked 22.51 miles yesterday. Love the pedometer! Let's are how much I can walk today before I leave. When I get home I will update and add some pictures.



Joggerblogger said...

Have a great breakfast :-) it's late afternoon over here.

Just checked for the card :-D cool!

Rae! said...

I am headed back to the ticket and transportation. The new manison is awesome! The sound is awesome! Its not raining now but it will here shortly. Headed home! Its 11: 30 am right now.