Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 Days To Go....

Well here we are down to the last couple of days before we leave to go to WDW. I am excited,nervous,and I just can't wait to go. We thought it would never get here,now it is.

First this is to those who are donating items I will be contacting you shortly to confirm pick up.
Also those of you that have donated money to the run Keep reading,I will up date after the race.

Sunday Meals:
B:english muffin,OJ
L: bbq chicken,smashed potates,veggies,ice tea
D:salad,chicken pita,yogurt,pudding
S: 1/4 c m n m's

B: grits,english muffin,OJ
L: smashed potatoes,veggies,2 cookies,ice tea
D:pancakes,yogurt,cereal,,ic tea
S: 1/4 c m n m's

B: oj,english muffin

I am trying to get back on track here. So this is what I can remember. I know I should leave out the m-n-m's but it was a serving size. Still no excuse.

Work yesterday 17.42 miles,Sunday, 15.30 miles.

On Saturday at work I had to make a choice and the moment it was one of those that you just do. I re injured my calf but kept the patient from hitting the floor.So I was limping real bad at work and kept going.I walked around with my calf packed in ice all day.Then went home and packed it too. I have been doing stretches and ice. Last night I took one of my small massage items and gave my calf a deep massage and today what a difference.

Well the suit cases are packed, and making sure we have all the stuff we need we will do on Thursday before we leave. So far good weather.

By the way be aware that they are saying that there is a MRSA out break down here,so be awake of your surroundings while at the MK,and the best thing to help prevent all that crap is WASH your HANDS!!!! That tells you how many people do not wash their hands!!


mgreene said...

Keep up the massaging. Those large foam rollers actually work well too - use them while you're watching TV, etc.

Chip said...

Thanks for stopping by again! The classic attractions are definitely my favorite, and I'm always bummed when they don't get the attention and upkeep they deserve...

Good luck and have fun at the WDW! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!