Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Just quick Happy Halloween to all!!!!!!

Tower Of Terror 13K

I did it!!! I made it!!!! 2:14:27 !!!!!!!!

My son did it in 1:41:17,my daughter did it in 1:53:59. E's time was the same as mine.

We arrived early cause we were trying to meet up with everyone and get a group picture.Well they had the park closed while they were chasing the other guest out. Well they didn't do a very good job at telling the runner's where to go.We stood around before someone goes are you in the race? They should have had signs up letting all of us know where to go.

Then we had at least a 90 minute wait. As you can see above we were real early.They played music videos and talked on the microphone. They could have been a bit more positive and did a count down and help pump everyone up. This is my first official race so I am just speaking what I thought would have help the wait time.

This was just before the last 10 second count down. We started in the back.
The first mile was 18 minutes.I believe due to the crowd and getting in to a grove id why that was so long. Then after that we were doing 16 minute miles walking.
It got boring.I mean it was neat that we were able to go through the Wide World Sports complex and run through there,but there wasn't any character's, no one to cheer you on,just this people dressed in white being silly.

The first water stop was busy,I didn't practice to drink h2o out of a plastic cup,so that was hard and I had got air in my stomach and later it was hurting.WE had h2o on us so I didn't drink any from the stops I just ended pouring them on me.

Around mile 5 I began to have some serious stomach cramping.I started to bloated and feel sick to my stomach.My calf muscle was doing really well til we hit the ramp coming back to the park. It was in a angle and I was hurting then.I kept going. We made it to mile 6 was where the start line was and I thought if I tried to go to the restroom I would feel better.But I didn't go in the restroom until we got our time first. Well let me say it didn't help at all.

Then we headed back in the park.There were some people cheering us on and then we headed out to the far end of the back lot tour.When I realized where we were I started to cry,I wanted to sit down and wait for the medics.At this point I was in so much pain and my body was just shaking and I felt weak.E grab my hand and said you can't stop now. These 2 girls that were there said the same thing. We were down to the last mile and a half.Then I was worried about the kids,I was asking about them and I was just talking about anything and everything to keep motivated.Then we made it to the Fantasmic side and I knew we were close and I started to cry again.{i just wanted it to end} You can hear the people on the tower screaming the music and I kept going. Then all the sudden I see a flash.I asked E what was that? It was the photographers taking pictures and we round this conner and E started yelling look there is Your son,JB waiting on us at the conner.I can just barely remember him saying Hi Mom and you are almost done.
Then E yelled there is the finish line!!! So I started to cry again and then I caught sight of his sister and my daughter. I wanted to run and be done with it I couldn't I was to weak too. People we didn't even know cheering and yelling the only other thing I can remember is hearing the chirp from the chip on my shoe.And E yelling you did it!!!!

We had our pictures taken and I can remember everyone trying to shove h20 down me and banana's and power aide.I was so sick to my stomach I spent the rest of the time in the bathroom.We sat near rockin roller coaster. E"s sister and JB rode the tower and I was in and out of the bathroom.After I started to feel better we tried to leave and I would start to cramp up and I head out to the restroom. My calf was cramping and I had E get a wheel chair and wheel me out to the car.I was up all night running to the bathroom.I was the only one sick.E started before the race and then stopped.Well I had also stared my menstrual cycle during the race.

I have to say the race was a learning experience.I ate a couple hours earlier in the day,I had a salad chicken ceasar and some fries and ice tea.I thought that would be enough. I must admit I did not drink enough h2o before the race. I was told that I should have done more a crab load and drank some power aide and water before the race.

I know that I may not do the 1/2M.This race scared me.I didn't do any training for three weeks trying to heal my calf.That was wrong of me to do. I know now even if I do not want to train I have too. There is no room for a day off. I want to do the 5k in Jan.08 and be there for support for the WDT runner's and Kate in the 1/2M in 08.

I am resting the rest of this week and then I am going to get back on the training horse and making a training plan.And sticking to it. I have all my meals listed from the trip I will post them tomorrow.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Team Voice!!!

Miles for the Month:

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trip Update

Hi everyone! Just a quick we made it home safe.

Hi Jackie it was nice seeing you again and how did you two do at the race?
I have a custom car for you and Nathan.I will get it to you if you are going to Mouse Fest.

I had a blast with everyone and NSSHP was a blast!!

I took a lot of pictures with the new camera and I will start to work on up loading them to my blog when I get home from work tonight!

Team Voice!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

We Are Here!

The trip up was good. No rain just an over cast.if you are coming being a long sleeve shirt it is chilly since the sun has gone down.

We have met Bryon tonight.Very interesting young man.

Animal kingdom in the morning.E's family hasn't been there yet so that is where we go first while we are there we will be meeting up with JB.

They changed where to pick up the race packet. It is now in down town Disney pleasure island in motion.tomorrow til 8 p and then again on Saturday 8-4p.

That is all for now.

Train hard have fun stay injury free!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Are Outta Here!!!!!

We are out of here!!!!

Thanks for the support and keep checking and I will post updates as I get a chance!

So far the weather is cloudy and raining on and off.That is in south Florida.
Chow for now!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Time To Go......

Well it is finally here!!!! It's time to go to WDW. After the kids get home from schoo; we are out of here.I have heard from JB. And we are all so excited!!!!

Friday is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween!!!!! We tried to go 2 years ago today. Today it has been 2 years since Hurricane Wilma.That storm kept me from going.Not this year. I am going as "Like a Surgeon",hahaha, and then we will have the Wal Mart greeter,and Ever dead bunny.Yes we are taking pictures. :)

Plus Friday is Packet pick up for the race.I am soooo excited I can't stand myself. So since we have to go to the Wide World of Sports I will take pictures of it and get some history.

I have to keep this short,I still have a lot to do. I will post updates while there and I will post race times for all of us.The only thing I can't do is pictures so that will have to wait till we get back.

The calf is doing ok. I have been doing deep massage and ice.I will do that everyday right up to the evening of the race.Oh yes I have been doing a lot of stretching too. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 Days To Go....

Well here we are down to the last couple of days before we leave to go to WDW. I am excited,nervous,and I just can't wait to go. We thought it would never get here,now it is.

First this is to those who are donating items I will be contacting you shortly to confirm pick up.
Also those of you that have donated money to the run Keep reading,I will up date after the race.

Sunday Meals:
B:english muffin,OJ
L: bbq chicken,smashed potates,veggies,ice tea
D:salad,chicken pita,yogurt,pudding
S: 1/4 c m n m's

B: grits,english muffin,OJ
L: smashed potatoes,veggies,2 cookies,ice tea
D:pancakes,yogurt,cereal,,ic tea
S: 1/4 c m n m's

B: oj,english muffin

I am trying to get back on track here. So this is what I can remember. I know I should leave out the m-n-m's but it was a serving size. Still no excuse.

Work yesterday 17.42 miles,Sunday, 15.30 miles.

On Saturday at work I had to make a choice and the moment it was one of those that you just do. I re injured my calf but kept the patient from hitting the floor.So I was limping real bad at work and kept going.I walked around with my calf packed in ice all day.Then went home and packed it too. I have been doing stretches and ice. Last night I took one of my small massage items and gave my calf a deep massage and today what a difference.

Well the suit cases are packed, and making sure we have all the stuff we need we will do on Thursday before we leave. So far good weather.

By the way be aware that they are saying that there is a MRSA out break down here,so be awake of your surroundings while at the MK,and the best thing to help prevent all that crap is WASH your HANDS!!!! That tells you how many people do not wash their hands!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Updating Updates

First off I must say to everyone thank you for the support.I was having a bad day and I had to keep these hands busy.

A great big thank you goes out to Jonathan. I got a surprise voice mail that was up lifting,and just a sheer surprise, That I cried listening to it. :) Happy tears.

We had a family meeting after everyone got home and cleared the air.Everyone is going to be earning the MNSSHP back.If not they know they will get stuck in the room.

The power suppy burned up in my computer and I have not been able to get on line till today from the desk.

Now the calf muscle is getting better.Some of the girls from work recommended to ice the leg down at 20 minutes a time 4-6 times a day. I must say it has been working very well.Tenderness more than pain.No limping. I was thinking on Monday that I would try to ride the bike at the gym and gain some cardio.So I will feel ready for Saturday.

The Disney premeir stores have been having a run on $1.99 pins.I have to say we bought enough to trade with nearly every CM in all the parks. And we bought one of the three hitch hiking ghost tomb stones.We go get our second one on Sunday. The third one is still in the parks and has not been sent to the store yet. Do you want to know for how much???? Please be seated you my pass out. OK $ 29.99. Is that a steal or what!!??

I hear the weather is going to be really nice for next weekend. That will be great. :) while we are there we are going to go and check out some of the resorts. Take pictures,ask about the history on them.Any suggestions???

We are going to get to see Hallo wishes. Video taping it and pictures with the new camera.Can't wait!!!!!I can't wait to see the headless horsemen go down Main Street. Mickey and Minnie in there costumes and tricking or treating. Come on how many people do we ever run in to that can say they have done that?{ Other than everyone on the boards.}

This Thursday is the official day the MK has open. 36 years.14 more to go and it will be 50 years!!! I know I am 7 months older. That is going to be exciting too!!!! And I hope we can be in the right place at the right time to get a wish. :)

Did you see the report on the car that went in to a canal on WDW property and 3 children were in the back seat and now they all are in ICU??? OMG!!!!! The driver has lost control of her car and went in to the canal.The driver and the passenger got out fine but the children did not. :(

My heart goes out to them. :(

Back to work tomorrow.{ugh} But It is the count down to Disney!!!!!!! I so need this.

Train hard,have fun, PLEASE stay injury free!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad Day

I am having a bad day. I have tried to turn it around but I am having no luck.
I blew out my calf muscle,now i have tons of pain,and a limp that won't go away. I have been icing it down,the entire leg.
I haven't been keeping up my deal this week with posting my meals,or my mileage.
Even my job bypassed me in the walk at work.I should have been 2nd place under my close friend.No they left me out. :(
Yesterday on my way home from work I get a phone call from home,it's my daughter screaming on the phone.In the back ground you can hear my teenage son,with an illness screaming he's going to cause her harm.It has been a long time since he has been this way.By the time I got home,E was home from an emergency call from his work.My teen is still out of control.

To make a long story short he had to be restrained to gain control.We have been train to do this.
I know people are quick to point the fingers at parents for the problem child.But when you ask for help and no one out there will help. All they want to do is meds and talk to therapist.That only goes so far.

So now I am wondering should we allow him to run in the race next week? Should he go to MNSSHP? I don't want to discourage him from all training he has done with us,but yet I do not him to think what he did was OK and he still gets rewarded. Or should I take him to his grandparents and he does not get to go at all??

Disney is my love.And the kids like going cause I go every chance I get.My work schedule is scheduled around what is going on at WDW.We are also meeting people from the boards and I just do not know what to do with this dilemma.

In all the stress I have found myself reverting back to old habits. Those that help caused me to be at the weight I am.I feel bad,so I am posting instead of emotional eating. It is hard.

E is a wonderful person and I feel bad for my son's behavior. I didn't know that my teen was going to be this way.I feel really bad for bringing it in E's home.I feel like a failure as a parent.They are not E's kids and he treats them as they are his own.

Yes I am unloading a lot here and I rather tell the world than revert to old habits.:(

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wrong Date!!!!

They even dated my post wrong!!!!! I did that post this morning!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not Well

Well blogger isn't that great for uploading video.I do not know how the rest of you do it but I can not get it to.

Update. I have came down with a cold. Sore throat,stuffy,aches and what ever else comes along with it.I do not know how I got this but I have it. All the forces are working against me to be in the race.My calf muscle is sore.I have been applying moist heat then ice.I haven't done any training since 10/11.

I am going to still be in the race.I am bringing my extra set of legs in case I need them.

This is how I feel right now. HAHAHAHA No really this is one of my halloween costumes.
Lots of make up.

Jb call me and let me know what your room is !!!!Then I can leave you a message when we get there the following Thursday I will leave you a message where we are.OK? The same with you Kate.

If I don't blog for the next day or two it's just because I do not feel well. Nothing personal.

Everyone be safe!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Sunday outing

Today we went to the local rather new Track.Today they were having drifting,and some outlaw drag racing. It was fun.It looks like the drifting would be fun.Nice day out.

If it loads this is a video of the burn out contest.

I am not sure if it is loading but we had a nice day.
So here we are down to the last little bit before the trip.I have the suit cases out ,cleaning up and getting things in order.Someone to come by and feed the cats,last minute training.costumes.Which they have changed again.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Steeda 2007

I was really disappointed today.Steeda normally has a great day set up and it was not as good as the previous years.

There was a lot of really neat cars and they did all the tours by 10a and they rushed into the raffle which wasn't as good as it has been and then by noon they left to go to the track.Normally they have a police escort,not this year.

This was the only gt40 there. Very nice.

We had to park by the highway since they were not letting one else park in the parking lot.

I have a lot more pictures, I am putting them all on E's my space .IT is over in my friends.

This is my new toys.The pictures listed above,is off the old camera.This is a portable, printer,and it also copies pictures to cd.So at the race we can take pictures and I can make copies for those of us at the TOT 13k. I have been looking into the cameras.I want to be able to take pictures of the fires works and see the fire works.And this is what I came up with.

We didn't go to the track today the weather was suppose to be bad. Tomorrow we are going to go see drift racing and out law's with no time race tomorrow. I haven't seen drifting yet so this will be fun, and I will get to use my new camera.

We are going driving later when the sun goes down and take pictures of Miami, South beach.I will post some,and put them all on E's my space.

I will post my stats later too.

Everyone needs to heal, for the Tower of terror !!!!!!! Or it will be Terror for all!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Steeda,Fun Ford Weekned 2007

Yep that is what we are doing tomorrow.Taking the Mustangs up to the Steeda shop and enter in the raffles and see what we can win and tour the shop and take a look at the garage sale. Then around 2:30p line up and run to Morroso Speedway and watch the fun Fords weekend.I didn't get to do that last year.That was when I had fell. :(

This is the stock 5.0 .It is a convertible.

Then there is the 4 cyl. turbo coupe.It is for sale. But we ar thinking about keeping it and set it up for the road courses.
It needs body work.The hood is new and we had doors for it but the roofer ran them over.
And then there is mine,but I do not have a picture of it, since it was in the shop. Mine is a after market, 302, hatchback,set up for drag racing . I have not had it on the track ,since the car is still wounded.

B" bagel,egg whites, coffee
L: chicken salad,on a whole wheat pita,{fat free dressing},yogurt, banana,ice tea.
D: pizza,salad, and snack cake,ice tea.

Work miles today 9.01. No training tonight since my calf muscle is giving me such trouble.I am limping tonight.
I will take a lot of pictures and post them. I can't wait to go.

Train hard, have fun, stay injury free!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Epcot 25 part # 2

Whew! The store fixed the error on the pictures and now I have them all!!!!

This is the stage behind the fountains and they were doing the future world attractions.

This one is Minnie and Mickey with Marty S.

It Lou! Much shorter than I thought he would be.{WDW Radio}

This is Nathan and Tim from Magic mountain,they are such cut ups!!!!

This is the beginning of the Beverly Fest.

This is who Nathan went up against.Robert.

Nathan is still drinking........

And on this end Robert was finished with his Beverly.

And Nathan still drinking....Hahaha

Then from here we did the tour with MMN.

This is Ron the original Dreamfinder. He was just the story teller of the day. I did not get a picture with him.

This is where Kate and I ate dinner.

I saved the best for last. This is none other than Bryan Ripper from All About The Mouse!!!!! The look on his face when he realized who we were was just priceless.Kate took the picture. And it was getting ready to pour on us at that time,it was dripping rain while Kate took the Picture. I met Bryan earlier in the morning when I had my picture taken with Lou.He was already talking to him and introduced Bryan to the group of people waiting to see Lou. That's how I knew who you were.

Hi Jonathan!!!! Mouse Fest is coming!!!!! Your next to add to all my pictures!!!!

Mongello!!!!! Hahahaha

Epcot 25

I finally got the Epcot 25 pictures. I am so happy to have them!!!!!!
So here we go!!!!!!!!!

This is the poster that was up on the walls that surrounded the Spaceship Earth.That was not open. :(

I was going to post my pictures and I just realized that they all didn't copy to CD. So i am going to head back to the store and find out what happen to the rest of my pictures!!!! I also have video of the ceremony and the special edition illuminations but I can't not quite figure out how to get in up loaded to the pc. Grrr.....

Ok I am going back and then I will try again!!!!!! I will not fail!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shock And Awe

Let me start here.I forgot to post my Monday weigh in. I am 216.

I had a bad day yesterday at work.The patients visitors were needy.Not the patients.
:( I forgot my pedometer, I was so tired it didn't help.Then we had students and they brought donut holes.Yes I had 2.I felt so guilty afterwards. Then about 3p, my left calf muscle started to hurt. I mean hurt too.I got upset because, I am so close to the TOT 13k and now I hurt.I am scared that I am going to make it worse,and won't be able to run,or walk. :(

B: egg whites,WW bagel,coffee
L: turkey burger,broccoli,WW yogurt,banana,ice tea
D: pork chops,mashed potatoes,corn,WW lemon cake,ice tea.
2 donut holes, some baked fries when I got home.

elliptical, total body program,30 min.,lvl.6,.93 miles,cal136
bike, 30 min.,lvl6,random hills, 9.98 miles,325 cal.
E elliptical, total body trainer,30 min.lvl. 7, .99,cal 156
bike.30 min.random hills,lvl.9, 10.82 miles.

While I was riding the bike I was listening to All about the mouse,and the guys were talking about the Epcot 25,the next thing I know Bryan was talking about all the people he met and I noticed he did not mention Kate and I. I was like I just he forgot,no something is up,and then Jonathan chimed in and then Bryan mentioned meeting Kate and I .I was floored by the way that we are thought about by Jonathan.I didn't know that he thought so highly of anything I had to say.I was moved by it and it made my day.

Thank you again.I needed that. My day was so awful and then I heard you guys chatting away and just thanks!!!!!!

Today meals:
B:WW cereal 1 c,1/2 c milk ,OJ
L: no yolk egg noodles,and turkey sauce
D: turkey legs smoked,on the smoker,salad,and a veggie,milk

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Monday

It is a blustery day here in S.Fl. 25-30 mph winds.

I did one on one today and it was boring today.I am looking in to going to the surgical dept. I will know more tomorrow.I have to go find out about it and talk to the Boss. :)

Today meals:
B: WW bagel with egg whites,1/4 c is one egg.,coffee
L: turkey burger,WW bread,salad tomatoes,corn, broccoli,grapes,6 peanuts,and a tbsp of fat free dressing.
D:grilled pork chop,mashed potatoes,broccoli,all half c servings,WW snack cake
S: WW yogurt,and banana.
Lots of h2o.
Gym 34 minutes TM, incline .5, miles 2.04.
Cal. 224

I had to stop because the gym staff was blasting the radio so loud I could not hear my i pod, or E talking to me and they were asked to turn it down.They did not.I could not concentrate on what I was doing.I have nothing against rap music but a business is not the place for the employees had their friends there and it was like a romper room.I was told no children allowed unless they were a member. So now I am going to complain again. :( I like the gym because it is less than a mile away and they are open late so on days I work I can go in there,and no contract.

I got my car back from the shop.It had to go to the shop because I have long tube headers on my car and we have no place to store my car once we got it up in the air and the city would not like it.Plus the headers were in the way. Because of the type of headers I have I burned up my clutch cable in my car.So it was replaced and a heat resistant sleeve was put on to help from it burning up.

well train hard ,have fun,stay injury free!!!! Three more weeks and TOT 13k!!!!!

Miles this week:
E: 2.43,w:
R: 2.04 w:

I Pod playlist
All About the Mouse,didn't get to finish it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Updates, Roofing,Jogging and Blogging

I know I haven't blogged since Thursday. Bad me. A lot of stuff has been going on here.Where to start.
ok here I go......

Well Jonathan challenged me to who ever can drop 15 pounds first, will buy a round of "something" at Mouse Fest. I asked if he would blog his meals for the day besides weighing in on a weekly basis. So when I get up tomorrow I will weigh myself and post it.

Then Friday morning E gets a phone call from the roofer and he is being real calm on the phone.He wanted to know what could he do to make things right so he could get paid.E told him that he wanted the roof fixed,and put the shingles back on for cosmetic looks.Fix the patio screens and settle on the car parts.Plus we do not want him here unless we are home.He agreed.
The roof is fixed,BUT he did it w/o us being home. :( E frowned on that.Then E sat around here till late on Friday and they never came with the person to fix the screen.So E called and told him to come out on Saturday morning.They did. And the roofer got paid.But it has not rained yet to see if the roof is leaking.We do not know what they did because they could not listen and wait for E to get home. It is done. Then they left their tar bucket sitting here in our yard,I told E to call them to get it out or we would have it towed. E is giving them a benefit of the dout, I wanted it gone so they do not have to be here when we are not home. :(

I walked 22.99 miles at work on Friday. Then we went to the gym and did 30 minutes of cardio. That was the elliptical on total body trainer program with the pulling motion set. .89,cal 136.
That's all the time we had since we were waiting on the roofer.Oh yes and we did some abdominal too.

Friday Meals:
B: yogurt 1 c,with banana,OJ
L: 2 c spaghetti with sauce ,ice tea,
D: salad,with tomato slice, grilled turkey,lite sesame ginger dressing,2 c frozen yogurt.

Saturday meals:
B: egg and toast, cup of coffee, 1/2 tsp of cream and 2 tsp of sugar.
L: umm,, I think we skipped it??? 20 cheese curls organic cals.75
D: turkey burgers in the oven,roll,sauted baby ports,and a slice of cheese, salad, plum tomatoes,sliced grapes,some freshed grated cheese.

We did all of our shopping and running around yesterday and finished up with the roofer.Then we went out and found the 40th Ann. edition box set of Hot Wheels for E. It is very nice.

The pictures from the Epcot 25 I will have up later. The place where I do go to get the pictures printed and stuff were out of picture cd's. So I can pick them up today.

Sunday meals:
B: W.W. bagel,toasted and glass of OJ.
L: egg whites with a W.W. bagel,1/2 c yogurt one banana,and a 1/2 an apple.
D: pork chops,mashed potatoes,veggies,salad. Ice tea.

Lots of h2o and we are going to get out there and walk the 4 miles.I hope to shave some time off. :)

Miles for last week:
E: 2.93, w: 7.73
R: 33.70,w: 34.25

On the I pod:
play list TOT 13k
TOT ride through sound track
Aerosmith never love a girl
godsmack whatever
hampton hamster the hampster dance
WDW sound track the electric lights parade
right said fred I'm to sexy
Hercules go the distance
aerosmith grind

Miles this week:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Octoberfest /Race for the Kate?? Updated

Another busy day at work yesterday. The pedometer reads 25,921 steps.Which is 11.26 miles. We were headed out to the gym and the family came in to play last night.

I had to set a discuss what we all were doing for the holidays. My Dad is just not wanting to share,and he has too.He is not use to the rest of the family being involved. So we have worked it out and he understands that we are going to be going to E's family for Christmas,and then we will spend the last couple of days with him. At first he wasn't on board but he is and there is no bad feelings here. So by this time it was 11p so no gym. :(

After I am done here I will head out to the gym and get on the elliptical for a while.

B: 1 c yogurt with granola,OJ half a bagel
L: cup of potato leek soup,salad,with a lite Italian.
D: chicken nuggets 8,and 12 fries.{yes I counted them}

Meals :today
B: egg,and 1c potatoes,cup of coffee
L:thai noodles
D:spagetti with sauce,and ground turkey
Will update later!!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
" You have to have confidence in your ability and then be tough enough to follow through" Rosalyn Carter

Miles this week:

elliptical 20 minutes on the total body program, .95 miles,cal.136
TM: 20 min.,incline 1.0-1.5 walking pace 3.4-4.1,1.35 miles,cal 285
walking/jogging,outside 2 miles.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Main Street Is Ready........

Oh man wait till you see Main Street in the Kingdom.IT is so ready for the season.I didn't take my camera in because it was raining. I mean raining. I ate at the Bakery again and I went over and rode the Haunted Mansion. The did a really good job. I won't say anymore......

I had a wonderful time At Epcot. I had a really nice day with Kate and hanging out with the Magical Mountain group.They all were really nice and friendly and full of information and fun facts. I so can not wait to go to Mouse fest. Oh wait....they all will be at the TOT!!!! See everyone in about three weeks!!!!! :)

I am so tired I just can hardly keep my eyes open.

On the roof front, quiet.

Training I walked a total of 4 miles for today. In the gym after work.
Back to work in the morning,and I will try to get the Epcot 25 video up and the Beverly fest,well of what I have for video and pictures.

So now I am getting things together for the trip,The race,NSSHP.

This week one year ago I fell on the front patio and messed up my good knee.

Are we ready for this??

Packet pick up for the race is 10/26 at the wide world of sports from 3-8p. Then on 10/27 10-4p.

Magic Kingdom

Good Morning from the kingdom!I am going over and have breakfast before I leave this morning. It is raining here. I hope everyone has a safe trip home, Tet was a lot of fun and I have a lot of pictures to share and JB I hope you got the post card we sent from Epcot!

I walked 22.51 miles yesterday. Love the pedometer! Let's are how much I can walk today before I leave. When I get home I will update and add some pictures.