Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Epcot Thing...{32}

I am able to go to the Epcot Thing.I am only going to be going on October 1st.I am so excited.There is so much planned. The best part of the whole trip is that I am going to get to meet Kate. Plus Lou and Nathan and alot of the board members. I wish to the JB and his family could be there, but we will see you 24 days afterwards!!!! :) I will be taking video of the event and I will try to post some of it. My family and Kate's family will not be joining us at TET. That's ok as I was told "girls day out".

Today was a flop for training .I has been storming here all day and we were out and about and didn't get home in time enough to go to the gym.So instead we moved the living room around.It looks a lot better.

B:bagel, one egg,cheese, cup of yogurt,banana, OJ
D: soup and a sandwich,ice tea.

Miles this week:
E: 0

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

wished we could come as well :-/ say hello to all from us over in the UK. Ans make Nathan drink one for me :-D

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's a girl's day out to have fun and celebrate Epcot's 25th birthday.

I can't wait.