Saturday, July 21, 2007

What YA Gonna DO...When They Come For You...

Good Morning !!!!!I feel so much better today.Not a 100% but close.I think some of it was the meds. she gave me.I slept last night after all the excitement.Today we are going to go see Transformers.I am going to try to sit through it.We are going to sit in the back so if I need to stand up I won't stand in anyone's way.

Last night was exciting around here.The local PD had set up a check point out on the main road and the people were trying not to get caught up in it would turn down our street.And there was a set of police that were waiting on those people.In one hour they towed 5 cars.And this one guy got real nasty with them and they did not give him a chance.They had there guns drawn and everything.Right in our front yard.All the neighbors were out watching.This other guy wasn't nasty and he worked with the police and they let him go but kept the car cause it was stolen and it was matching the decryption of a car in a hit and run.All out in our front yard.

Today I am going to go to the gym and try the elliptical.even if it is for a few minutes I am so bored!!!!.

L:eggs and left overs
D:chicken nachos,salad,ice tea
S: cup jello

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free.


Anonymous said...

At least you can save money on cable TV since all the action is right there free in your front yard. ;-)

TD said...

Great to see you are feeling a bit better.

Agree with what Kate said. It must have seemed like you had an episode of LAPD right outside your front door...

...which reminds me. When I was in Los Angeles in 2005 we had a fantastic police chase take place right outside our hotel window - lots of cars and helicopters with spot lights, etc - just like the movies. Wow, they do it in style here in the USA, I thought. To this day I still not sure if it was the real thing or in fact may have been filming for a movie.

ali said...

They let him go and the car was stolen and used in a hit and run? Wouldn't he of been the guy who stole it? It definitely pays to be nice.

Sounds like a fun evening ... with chicken nachos ... yum

Joggerblogger said...

hope that you're feeling better soon - how was transformers?

Rae! said...

Transformers was just a neat movie.