Friday, July 6, 2007


Good day.

Yesterday was a long day for me, so by the time I got home I was beat.I don't go back to work til Monday {woo hooo}.So Yesterday was an off day from training.


B: cereal,milk, hot tea
L: turkey pasta salad,Ice tea,yogurt{ cal 70}
D: glazed chicken breast,with potatoes,and veggies.
S: golden Oreo cookies 4
Lots of h2o

Today I will update a little later.I have to study.I am studying math.{rolling the eyes}I haven't done some of this stuff since high school,but they want to know if you still know it.{sigh} Then once you finish the course you do not use the majority of it again.:-/

Today Meals:
B:cereal flax flakes 1/2 c milk, glass OJ
L:Turkey sandwich,ice tea

running #2 week,30 minutes,.5 incline,speed 4.5,1.93 miles, cal 284,E mileage 2.45,speed 7.5, cal 532.

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
"Winning isn't everything.Wanting to win is." Catfish Hunter,baseball hall of famer

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!!!

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