Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Little Honesty

Well here I am with some doubt today.I didn't do well training today.I didn't do anything these last few days.We did the running program today and I couldn't run today.My muscles were hurting,my legs still sore from work yesterday,and some of the weather.I made it through the first 90 second run and and three minute run and I couldn't do anymore.My legs gave out.I just walked for 30 minutes and realized that I have been slacking.I am not going to make up any excuse why,no sense in it.I haven't been riding the bike this week,no random hills,or light weights.Just running.My body decided to tell me that it doesn't like that.

So on that note that means I have to get back into what I was doing before.No excuses.It's hard to go on the days I work since I am on my feet 12 hours,then go to the gym.I have to get back into it.

Meals yesterday:
B: smoothie
B: smoothie
L: loaded potatoes, ice tea
D: small bowl of pasta with ground turkey,glass of milk
Late night snacking,on chips{crisps}and dip

Training : None

B: pancakes,{2}with cut up banana,OJ
S: cut up cut cheese
D:chicken fajitas homemade

running #3, walked of the most of it.speed 3.2,incline .5, 1.79 miles.
E speed 7.5,0 incline,25 minutes 2.22 miles.

Train hard have fun, stay injury free!!


londonjogger said...

you'll be back...i'm sure you will :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae. Any idea what may be the problem? If you're stressed or tired from other parts of your life it may be really hard to workout. The flip side of that is that working out may actually make you feel better and reduce some of that stress.

On the other hand, you may be pushing yourself a little too hard. I know you have been doing a lot between the family, work and studying. Maybe you just really needed a break. :-)

Rae! said...

Thanks,But really I haven't rode a bike on hills in a week.It was so humid in the gym. I had the long hall way at work yesterday and then someone went home early then we were short handed so I did extra work,I was hurting last night.I think that is what it was.

mary beth said...

It's great that you listened to your body, Rae! I think we all have weeks where we feel off. But you'll get back into it!

I LOVE my Oprah bra! Well, I call it my Oprah bra. It's by Enell and it's really excellent for... um... ample-bosomed women like me. I only wish I knew of this in high school when I played 3 sports because it makes me forget that I even have a chest. It's really supportive and restrictive, but not uncomfortably so. And it doesn't give you the uni-boob look or feel, either. It's almost like its a top on its own. It hooks from bottom to top in front. I love love love this bra.

The only thing that gave me pause was the price. I think it was $60. I chose a pink one because the company gives $6 on each pink bra sold to breast cancer research. So I figure it was more like $54. I only have one so I wash it a lot, but it never loses shape or support. I really can't sing its praises loudly enough! It used to HURT when I ran because my chest bounced so much in every other bra I've tried. And this bra makes me forget I have a large chest, or a chest at all. I love love love it! Can't say that enough!

If you have any specific questions let me know! I love to talk about my bra, as Kate will attest!

Anonymous said...

oh well... take a day off. may be go to salon and pamper yourself. OR HAVE A BROWNIE AND ICE CREAM.