Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th Of July

Well I got sent home early today since the census went low at work today.So I got to go to the gym today.

Here goes Training:
Bikes: 22 minutes,lvl 7,cal.150,6.95 miles.
E 20 minutes lvl 9,187 cal, 8.01 miles

Ab.4 reps of35,35 lbs.
Tri ext.,4 reps of 15,22.5 lbs
inner thigh: 150 x,70 lbs
bi curl: 4 reps of 25, 35 lbs.
outer thigh:200 x,70 lbs.
chest press: 3 reps of 12,25 lbs.
leg ext.: 3 reps of 15, 40 lbs,single leg 2 reps each 15, 20 lbs.
ab curl: 5 reps of 35, 90 lbs.
leg curl: 2 reps of 15,40 lbs,single leg 2 reps each 20 lbs.
seated row 55 lbs 2 reps of 15

B: smoothie
B: cereal and milk,OJ
L: turkey pasta salad, ice tea
D: sausage, blue potatoes,and veggies,ice tea.

The transportation cards you just ask the people for them if they carry them they will share with you .If they don't carry them they will just tell you.It's fun.

Just have a safe and Happy 4th Of July.


Joggerblogger said...

I'll have to ask them in Nov :-)

Well done on the training.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'd be happy to ask everyone on the October trip. I assume you mean everything...monorail, buses, & boats. Sounds like fun.

Good job on the workout. :-)