Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well Another nice day.Worked and came home and I started to fall asleep and the next thing I know I was told to get up and let's get to the gym.So off we went and here is what was done.

random hills, 22 minutes,lvl.7,cal 157,3 min/mile,speed 18.2,7.31 miles,E did 8.02 miles@22 mph,2min/mile.
tri ext.: 35 lbs 3reps of 25
Bi curl: 22.5 lbs 3 reps of 16
inner thigh: 70 lbs 100 x
outer thigh: 75 lbs 85 x
Ab.machine 30 lbs 4 reps of 25
ab curl: 120 lbs. 3 reps of 25

Meals :
hot tea
B: smoothie
B: yogurt,toast, hot tea
L: salad,potatoes, ice tea
D: sausage hoagie, veggies,ice tea.
Lots of h2o today and a protein h2o

Oh yeah to end yesterday we walked another mile in t he evening.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free.


Anonymous said...

It's so great that E is helping you. Sometimes we all just need that extra push to get motivated.

Great workout!

erock said...

Great workout!
You are doing great!
Working as a team sounds like it is really doing wonders!

Joggerblogger said...

Coool :-P