Saturday, June 23, 2007

Long Day


Long day at work today.There will be no training today.{whew}

Lots of luck to sore limbs tomorrow on the race!!!
Joggerblogger I hope you are feeling better.Jonathan safe trip home to you and your wife.
For me back to work tomorrow.{ick}

MGM studios the back lot tour.

I just felt like sharing them.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!!

The answer to the trivia question is The Aristocat and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.Both transport us back to the City of Lights.
I got the answer from Disney Insider.


Joggerblogger said...

cheers :-) starting to feel better.

I like the backlot tour :-)

Anonymous said...

welcome back to work and training.... cheers:)