Monday, June 11, 2007

I'M Back!!! Part 1

Well made it home.It was bloody hot there.So be careful when going in this heat and humidity.

Thursday we left out early and made it to Boca Grande about 10a.We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.I had 2 eggs,grits,chicken,fried apples,cup of coffee,and ice tea.Yes I could have done without the apples.

The tropical storm that came through earlier in the week had the beach tore up a bit.Still it was beautiful.We found a lot of sharks teeth and sand dollars.I forgot to bring the sand dollars home.
Lunch I had a ham sandwich on wheat.We had dinner.I had chicken breast coated in honey and cashews.with a salad and sweet potato,ice tea.We didn't stay there that night we ended up driving over to where Eric's sister was in Orlando and stayed with them.

The Magic kingdom was a blast.The onlt thing I have to say that was not nice that morning,we were waiting on the monorail to start running.We asked to ride with the driver,they said no still preforming morning test.Well I let it go and we got on.Then after they closed the doors DAVE let another family ride with the driver!!!!!!I even told him that they never rode up there and it would be a neat for them!!!!!That was a let down.

We ate at The Crystal Palace.I had eggs.grapes.strawberries,2 sausages,oj,ice tea,and a banana,and a chocolate croissant.We were in the park before any other people.That was so cool!!!!And when it was 9a you sure could tell.The sea of people just came pouring in.Mickey's Toon town Fair doesn't open til 10a.That is a mad rush of people too.If you don't run to get in line to see any of the characters you will get stuck in line for hours!!.
My son got to ride Goofy's roller coaster with Minnie Mouse!!!!She tickled his chin the whole ride.We didn't get any pictures of that,cause we were in waiting to see the princesses.Go with a 2 year old.It's fun,as hot as it was it was fun.

We went to go check in at the All Stars Sports,during the hot part of the day and part of our party had an the castle.They didn't assign us a room.WE had to wait to get the room.It was an hour long wait.Then the cast member we had was one of the girls from where I worked!!! Small World. HI Val!!!!It wasn't much different than staying over at the Movies resort.We were in the home run section.

Well part of our party had to leave and so what we did was we went back to the room and rested til the extra magic hours started in the kingdom and went til 2am.Dinner we had Casey's Corner Hot dogs.Those are the only hot dogs on the planet I can eat and not send me to the hospital.I had one and fries.Yes we stayed til 2am.It was so easy to ride anything you wanted since there were only people from the resorts there.

Oh by the way........we had a dole whip sundae at 1am in the morning!!!!!!!Yummy!!!!!Sorry we couldn't wait til 09. :)

I took a lot of pictures my camera is misbehaving so I can't down load them now.As soon as I can I will start to put them up.


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Joggerblogger said...

Sounds like fun :-P look forward to the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Would love to see the pics and hear the rest of the story.

Welcome home. :)

londonjogger said...

Glad you had a great time:)

Anonymous said...

wow - i LOVE disney! i am so jealous. i've been to eurodisney a few times and the parade is the best.

fried apples sound scrumptious - are they just plain old apples sliced up and fried in oil and butter? or do they have a batter coating too? :)

Rae! said...

The fried apples are like the apples that go into a pie filling yummy.

Thanks Kate and londonjogger glad to be home,I just can't get the program to work right now....

Anonymous said...

Hey Rae,

Good to see you back.

The hits counter & clock is nice. I am working to add that on my site too... Thanks.