Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I just realized that this is my 51st post.Wow!!!That's neat.And I have noticed that a lot of great things are happening all over the boards!Great job everyone!!!!

The Dream Team is back on track.Make a Wish Foundation.What a cool wish, to go to Disney.

So far today I have been back to the gym and I did the elliptical and I did the fat burn program,45 minutes,2.84 464. All I have to do later is my run program and I am done for the day!!!!
If I can make it through the program today like the other day,and Friday I will go on to week two,which is eight 90 second runs, and walk.

B: cereal 1/2 c milk,hot tea
L: smoothie-pineapple,cantaloupe,protein powder,1 tsp of aminos, 1/2 c milk.It's full of protein,and it's 342 cal.
D:tacos,turkey meat,and all the fixings,ice tea.
S:pop ice

This is my tea ball.I don't use it all the time,but I do use it.
I like to drink the tazo tea.In the morning it's the awake and some evenings I will drink the calm.Very tasty.

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
90.Buy gold racing shoes.With those on your feet,you'd better be fast. It worked for Micheal Johnson.

Train hard, have fun, stay injury free!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My miles for this month this far is 65.01!!!!!!

Training Today

Training today goes like this....

Fat burn program,45 minutes,2.93 miles,cal 451.{early AM}
Bike: random hills,lvl.7,20 minutes,6.50 miles,cal 151
90' degree press:15 lbs,4 reps of 15
outer thigh:70 lbs,200 x
tri press: 55 lbs,3 reps of 15
inner thigh:70 lbs,150 x
bi curl:22.5 lbs,4 reps of 15
tri ext: 35 lbs,4 reps of 25
leg ext.: 40 lbs,2 reps of 25
Single leg: 20 lbs 2 reps of 12
Abs: 25 lbs,4 reps of 25
ab curl: 120 lbs,4 reps of 25

Hot tea
B: smoothie
L: pretzel,smoothie
D: baked chicken breast over rice,with a nice sauce,green beans,glass of milk
S:pop ice
Lots of h2o.I will fill in the blanks later today.Suppose to go back to the gym and ride bikes,and light weight train.{suppose}

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!


This is one of the pretzels That I made last night.Very yummy.

Well I got my one camera to load so here a couple pics from the Boca Grande part of the last trip.

This is the picture of the beach.Kit was covered in sea weed.There was a storm that blew in earlier in the week.But the beach sand is white.

This picture just to the right of those people are nothing but shells.

This is one of the sand dollars I forgot to bring home.

This is the back of the town house.It faces the beach.The one on the right.

This is the view from the back porch.
That's all I have!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nice Day

Well I was so tired last night that I had a hard time staying awake.So I did not blog or train.:(

Today I did so here goes:
TM:run program,1.43 miles cool down 1.64 miles,incline .05,cal.244
abdominal: 30 lbs 4sets of 25
Incline chest press: 15 lbs.,2sets of 10{weak point}
Bi curl: 25 lbs.,4 sets of 15
Tri.ext.:30 lbs. 4 sets of 15
Inner thigh: 70 lbs: 120 x
Tri. press: 55 lbs.,3 sets of 15
outer thigh: 75 lbs. 100 x
ab. curl 100 lbs 5 sets of 25

Hot tea
B: smoothie: OJ,banana,apple,strawberries,1/2 c flax flakes,protein powder,ice,1 tsp of liquid amino's.
L: smoothie
D: jambalaya{chicken sausage},salad{peach,raisins,spinach, lettuce 1 tsp of dressing},Ice tea

I am in the process of making homemade pretzels.Yummy.And I have to study to take a test,to start my on line classes.I am looking into getting a licenses to work in the OR. But I have to brush up on my math and stuff and finish doing my continuing education for work{yuck}

I want to say Hi to a friend that I have not heard from in a long time And I got to speak to her today!!!HHHHIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
Running commentary"The will to win means nothing without prepare"Juma Ikangaa

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Long Day


Long day at work today.There will be no training today.{whew}

Lots of luck to sore limbs tomorrow on the race!!!
Joggerblogger I hope you are feeling better.Jonathan safe trip home to you and your wife.
For me back to work tomorrow.{ick}

MGM studios the back lot tour.

I just felt like sharing them.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!!

The answer to the trivia question is The Aristocat and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.Both transport us back to the City of Lights.
I got the answer from Disney Insider.

Friday, June 22, 2007

More Pics......

This is the same truck just running over our car!!!

This is my young ones standing in the rims.My son is 5'6.

In the picture below E stands 6ft'4 in.


Good morning!!!

I didn't get to do my running program yesterday.I was busy with the kids and just ran out of time.Today is early I have a lot to do today.

We were going to go to Disney for my daughter's birthday and we have decided not to so now she is planning a party.We will probably go later in the month of July.Not during the week I go to school for continuing ed.{yuck}Then I have to study to take another test and do more continuing education on line in the majority of my spare time.{yuck}Plus fit in training and making sure I do not snack a lot during this.That is my weakness.

My parents want my son to come up for the month and my Dad is laying out all these demands and I am starting to feel like it's not going to be worth the hassle he is making it out to be.{big sigh}

I hope Kate is having a good time on her trip and can't wait to hear back from her.Joggerblogger I hope you do not have so much pain and feel better soon.When you come over for the TOT race you can bring me one of your pictures you draw and I will add it to my collection if you don't mind.:)

smoothie: 1/2 c apples,1/2 c strawberries,c OJ,2 bananas,2tbsp of peanut butter,and protein powder,1 tbsp of liquid aminos.
L:turkey burger,HM mac n cheese
S:honey roasted cashews

Training:{add later today}

The answer to the trivia question is the Mad Tea Party. I got the question from Disney Insider.
In addition to "Ratatouille"which other Disney animated movies takes place in Paris?

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
But a full length mirror and make sure you look in it everyday.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Notice the mileage I have done for this month so far???I posted it over in my stats. And the clock is steadily counting down the time till TOT race. WOW!!!!

Out Of Time

I was unable to blog yesterday,just ran out of time.

Yesterday training:
Bi curl: 20 lbs 4 reps of 15
Tri ext.: 30 lbs 5 reps of 15
Inner thigh: 70 lbs. 100 times
Chest Press: 25 lbs. 3 reps of 12
Outer thigh: 70 lbs. 100 times :55 lbs. 3 reps of 12
Leg curl: 40 lbs 2 reps of 15
Leg curl: single leg 20 lbs. 1 rep each
Incline chest press:10 lbs. 2 reps of 12 {weak point}
Ab.curl: 120 lbs. 4 reps of 25
Leg ext.: 40 lbs 4 reps of 15
Ab. machine: 25 lbs. 6 reps of 25
No biking or treadmill.

B: cereal organic flax flakes,1/2 c o. milk, hot tea
L: pasta and chicken 1/2 c,ice tea
D: salad: apple,tomato,raisins,lettuce mix,dressing 1 tbsp.
Protein water,and h20 all the way.

Now today:
Training :
elliptical 45 minutes 2.65 miles, 421 cal. fat burner program
Going back later to do the running program.

S:Honey roasted peanuts
D:Turkey burger,mac and cheese Homemade,fries.Ice tea

I forgot to take my book with me,so those 45 minutes were very long.I will be trying to go in the mornings to do the elliptical then go back later to do my other training so I can make some progress on loosing some of this weight.I may not be able to go in the mornings that I have to work,But I will figure it out.E has been pushing me lately and I am great full for him to do that.I believe that's what I needed.

Well trivia question was answered by Karma!!!!
The answer is Fauntleroy.I am looking in to why this was his middle name.
I got the trivia question from Disney Insider.
Next question:
What Fantasy land attraction was operating on Disneyland's opening day?

I also read on all that the TOT race time limited was set for 2.5 hours for a reason.There will be some spooky surprises along the way.But if you are doing only the 6.5k you won't get the surprises along the way.You have to do the 10k.Sounds like fun.I can speed walk that.So I am not worried about keeping pace for that race.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
You have a choice.You can throw in the towel,or use it to wipe your face.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Thanks a million!!! Everyone I truly appreciate it. :)

Ok Here I go...
Yesterday training:
Bike: Random hills,lvl 7,20 minutes,6.51 miles
Tri ext.: 30 lbs 4 reps of 25 {I added an extra set of reps }
Bi curl: 20 lbs.,4 reps of 25 {added set}
seated row: 60 lbs 3 reps of 15
Inner thigh machine:70 lbs 50 times
Outer thigh: 70 lbs 50 times
{man do I feel the outer thighs}
abdominal:35 lbs,4 reps of 25
ab curl: 120 lbs,5 reps of 25

I did the running podcast program I found months ago.I tried it outside,and only made it to run 4.Well today I did the day one program inside on the TM,and I did the whole 30 minutes!!!
Total of 8 runs at 60 seconds each,with 90 second walk breaks in between.I completed all 8!!!
I had to slow down towards the end but I completed it.I did a total of 1.64 miles!!!! :) I am proud of myself.

B: cereal 1/2 c milk,hot tea
L: salad with turkey boiled, egg whites,tomato,sesame seeds,and dressing,ice tea
D: baker that is a baked potato,cheese,turkey,{1/2 }Ice tea
I had a donut hole today actually 4.
H2o,and a protein water.

That's it .I am going to add a trivia question{Disney } to the end of my blog.Then the answer the next day.Just something new.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
83. Be Realistic with your training.Sticking to a schedule of three workouts per week feels a lot better than quitting a more demanding plan.

That is SO true!!!!!

What is Donald Ducks middle name? {Answer tomorrow}Can you guess it???

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hard On Myself

Well I went out side and walk/jog.I was using a podcast I have.With it being so humid and hot,I can't get my breathing right.I only made 4 60 second runs and 4 walks at 90 seconds.I felt like a smoker.I couldn't finish the rest of the program.So I walked til I was able to breathe normal.I have tried to add the map to my blog but I can't.It won't show it.I 'm not sure what I am doing wrong.
4 times around equals 2.0 miles.Yeah but I got so mad cause I have put so much work into training and this is all I can do.My body is telling me go and my breathing is telling me to stop.Is there anything I can do to improve it?? I do random hills on the bike then I speed walk on the TM.

I have been real hard on myself,and I expect to do better.I am not a quitter but man lately it's just been rough and I just felt like this isn't for me.{deep sigh}E was telling me that I just need to work on taking it outside so I can get use to the heat and humidity.Well following the program I don't run/walk today.So I will go to the gym since they don't close early today.

I didn't go to work today.I got canceled.The floor I work on is also closed.So that means when I go in tomorrow that I will float to where ever they put me,even if I don't like the floor.

Here is a picture from Boca Grande the west coast of Florida.The kids are looking for sharks teeth and they found alot too.{2006}

This one is standing on the walkway bridge waiting to see the sunset.Meals:
B: organic oatmeal flakes cereal,1/2 c of milk,cup of hot tea
L:Pasta with sauce,HM bread
S:Cheddar bunnies crackers,ice tea
D:pasta,HM sauce,and veggies,ice tea

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
Don't expect everyday to be better than the last one.Some days will be slower than others,and some days might even hurt a bit.But as long as you're on the road, it's a good day.

Maybe that's what I need a kick in the butt!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Introducing Snap Shots from

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, excerpts of Wikipedia articles and IMDb profiles, inline videos, MP3s, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you “look ahead,” before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click “Disable” in the upper right corner of the Snap Shots bubble and opt-out.


Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there.

This is what my Hunny wants for Father's Day!!!!!

Thanks everyone,I just don't have it in me lately.Maybe I am afraid that I am going to hurt myself again?We were able to walk around the block.Our block is a half mile.

B:homemade oatmeal with golden raisins and honey,hot tea.
L:Smoothie protein,banana,peanut butter,ice,fat free milk,extra chocolate

Today I am going to finish up working in my rose garden and put out some of my Disney yard characters.I am ordering the bird bath to go in the center of it.{Of course it Mickey}
I will post pictures when I am able to load from my camera.The program just won't work.Grrr...

I have to do some continuing education for what I do for work.I have a class set up for next month for four nights I will have to go to school.I was also looking into maybe trying a different department.My floor has become slow since most of the snow birds have gone home for the summer.

Training nothing yet.I did not go to the gym yesterday.

Train hard,Have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
"There are as many reasons for running as there are days in a year,years in a life.But I run because I am an animal and a artist and a ,too,are you.Find your own play,your own self renewing compulsion,and you will become the person you are meant to be "
Dr. George Sheehan,writter and philospher

Is that moving or what ??

Oh yes I haven't done a thing in nearly a week and I have lost a half pound.A half pound !!!!!
Crazy I say........:)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just Not In It Today

Good day!!!!

I haven't posted in a couple of days and I will be honest and tell why.

I haven't felt like doing this any more.I just feel like that I am trying to do something that I am not made to do. I haven't been to the gym in the last 2 days,I worked and came home and I was so tired I just couldn't get myself to go.And it was pouring outside so I couldn't get out to walk.

I just don't know why this feeling is here or why I am not fighting it.I have read everyone's blog and I get the yes I can ,but I just don't have it in me the last few days.:(

Yesterday meals:
B:Cereal,Green wise oatmeal flakes,milk,yogurt,banana
L: whole wheat pasta,sausage,banana bread ice tea
D:pork chops,peas,mashed potatoes,Ice tea
H2o all day

Training None

I plan on going to the gym today even though they close early today,maybe I will feel better after going.I don't know right now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today was a nice quiet day.Nothing new.Thank you for the concern for my son.He is doing much better and will be home on Friday as long as his behavior is good.

The love bugs have calm down alot.They are here but not were the front of a vehicle will turn black.
Everyone here is excited about meeting everyone in October.It will be nice to put faces to you.

B; smoothie
L; pbj on wheat
D; Pasta {organic wheat} with sausage.
S;pop ice
h2o today but not all 8 glasses.

Bike: random hills lvl7,20 min.,6.50
ab machine:35 lbs 3@30 reps
Ab curl: 120 lbs 3@35 reps
bi curl: 25 lbs 3@20
tri ext: 30 lbs 3@20
tri press"55lbs 3@15
TM: walked .95mile in 15 min.
3 minutes of the 15 I ran.

Yes today was the first day I tried to run since I injured myself.I am proud of my three minutes.I am starting over,but it is a start!!! :)

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
The Boston Marathon is a year away.Think you can get there?

I tried to upload some pictures this time it is blogger not up loading!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Look at the clock!! How many days to go?????

Part 2

There was no training due to a medical emergency yesterday.It was very draining and it took alot out of everyone here.We were up til the early morning hours.It's tough when I have a child with a mental illness,and there are times he just needs to be hospitalized.

Well back to the trip...
On Saturday we got up late since we were in the kingdom til 2a.That was just a lot of fun.We did a lot of park hopping on Saturday.We went to Epcot,Animal kingdom we rode Mt.Everest again and bought the picture this time we look so funny.Then we went to MK just to get ice cream on Main Street.That's when we noticed the Plaza.It's right next door.It has a great menu and has a lot of veggie options to choose from.we are going to try it when we go back.

Then went back to the hotel and got ready to go to Typhoon Lagoon.They had extra magic hours so we got to stay there til 9p.Let me say if you can drive yourself to that water park do so,the ride is long to get to it and it makes stops in downtown Disney before you arrive there.40 minutes. The crusher gusher is awesome!!!!Just hold your bum up or it will drag on the bottom and make it sore.Lots of stairs to climb.My knees just didn't like all the darn things so I had to take my time climbing them.

Went back to the room and went to bed early since we were leaving in the morning to drive to the east coast to see my family.Over all it was a great trip!!!

l: cereal,milk
S:kashi crackers
D: chicken,salad,loaded fries,fries cheese,turkey chili,

going later this evening

No pictures as of yet{darn camera}

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
It's not to late to salvage your New Year's Resolutions.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'M Back!!! Part 1

Well made it home.It was bloody hot there.So be careful when going in this heat and humidity.

Thursday we left out early and made it to Boca Grande about 10a.We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.I had 2 eggs,grits,chicken,fried apples,cup of coffee,and ice tea.Yes I could have done without the apples.

The tropical storm that came through earlier in the week had the beach tore up a bit.Still it was beautiful.We found a lot of sharks teeth and sand dollars.I forgot to bring the sand dollars home.
Lunch I had a ham sandwich on wheat.We had dinner.I had chicken breast coated in honey and cashews.with a salad and sweet potato,ice tea.We didn't stay there that night we ended up driving over to where Eric's sister was in Orlando and stayed with them.

The Magic kingdom was a blast.The onlt thing I have to say that was not nice that morning,we were waiting on the monorail to start running.We asked to ride with the driver,they said no still preforming morning test.Well I let it go and we got on.Then after they closed the doors DAVE let another family ride with the driver!!!!!!I even told him that they never rode up there and it would be a neat for them!!!!!That was a let down.

We ate at The Crystal Palace.I had eggs.grapes.strawberries,2 sausages,oj,ice tea,and a banana,and a chocolate croissant.We were in the park before any other people.That was so cool!!!!And when it was 9a you sure could tell.The sea of people just came pouring in.Mickey's Toon town Fair doesn't open til 10a.That is a mad rush of people too.If you don't run to get in line to see any of the characters you will get stuck in line for hours!!.
My son got to ride Goofy's roller coaster with Minnie Mouse!!!!She tickled his chin the whole ride.We didn't get any pictures of that,cause we were in waiting to see the princesses.Go with a 2 year old.It's fun,as hot as it was it was fun.

We went to go check in at the All Stars Sports,during the hot part of the day and part of our party had an the castle.They didn't assign us a room.WE had to wait to get the room.It was an hour long wait.Then the cast member we had was one of the girls from where I worked!!! Small World. HI Val!!!!It wasn't much different than staying over at the Movies resort.We were in the home run section.

Well part of our party had to leave and so what we did was we went back to the room and rested til the extra magic hours started in the kingdom and went til 2am.Dinner we had Casey's Corner Hot dogs.Those are the only hot dogs on the planet I can eat and not send me to the hospital.I had one and fries.Yes we stayed til 2am.It was so easy to ride anything you wanted since there were only people from the resorts there.

Oh by the way........we had a dole whip sundae at 1am in the morning!!!!!!!Yummy!!!!!Sorry we couldn't wait til 09. :)

I took a lot of pictures my camera is misbehaving so I can't down load them now.As soon as I can I will start to put them up.


Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
Winston Churchill,British prime minister during World War 2

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just One More Day

Well we made it to the gym. It's about time.I feel a lot better today.I just had a real bad reaction to those flowers yesterday at work.Today my sinuses are still a bit off but much better.Thanks!! :)

bike: 20 minutes 6.47 miles
tri curl:30 lbs 3@15
bi curl:20lbs 3@12
seated row:60 lbs 3@15
shoulder press: 10 lbs 2@12
ab curl:130 lbs 3@20
ab machine: 35 lbs 3@20
no walking tonight

We are putting the final touch on packing for our trip.Tomorrow evening we pick up the car ,and load it.And leave out early Thursday morning.Off to the white sandy beaches of BocaGrande.
I will take pictures and post when we get back.I don't have a lap top as of yet.I believe there is one there if so I will say hi.

This is cool how everyone has came together,all for the same reason.Such a common thing as running can bring people together from around the globe.

Did you see my count down clock?Only 143 days til TOT.I can't figure out how to make it smaller to fit but it works for me.I had also added a page counter to count how many times my blog has been viewed.It's up there.

L:potato,ice tea
D: grilled chicken, with swiss, on a roll,corn,and baked fries,milk
h2o 10 glasses today.

It's hot here.The humidity has arrived!!!

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!!!!

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
Listen to your feet crunch the gravel for an hour can ease a day's worth of stress.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Short And Sweet

What a day at work.One of the rooms I was assign to had this horrid little flowers in it.Gardenia's.I am so allergic to them is' not funny.My face was itching,burning,my eyes swelled up a little.Now I have a nasty headache.If I had touch the flowers I would have broke out in hives.

No training today either.
L-salad, homemade pizza bread,Turkey salad mix with my salad.
D-chicken salad on pita bread.
H2o all the way.

I don't mind standing in the lines for the autograph's.They don't take as long as they look.I can't wait!!!

Congratulations to Jonathan on his 100th blog today.

Just short and to the point tonight.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

May The Force Be With You....


That's my daughter being stepped on.{hahaha}
This year at Star Wars weekend is going to be Ray Park,who played Darth Maul.My son's favorite.He will be doing pictures and autographs.We are going to have him sign our book.Also Daniel Logan who played Boba Fett in Episode 2.Again we will get him to sign the book and pictures.That is the actors that will be there on Saturday when we are there.Can't wait.

Training well off.I just didn't do it.I worked today and didn't feel up to it. put me down for 0 today.

B- nothing I wasn't feeling well at all.Had cup of hot tea.
D- home made pizza,tea,serving of banana pudding.
lots of h2o.

This is my son!!!Funny isn't he???
Thanks to everyone we will have fun.I just haven't been out with this set of In laws.It will be interesting.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Forget about the big picture every now and then.Put away your training manual and your race calendar.Quit over thinking it.Run for today.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Long Long Long Time Ago.....

In a Galaxy far far away....

Well here we are in a new month.I have not done any time in running yet for the Junathon. We have been making the final plans on our trip to Disney this coming week.We are going to be leaving out on Thursday to go and meet up with Eric's parents in Boca Grande on the west coast.Then leave there Friday early morning and meet his sister and some more in laws for the day at Disney MK. WE are making breakfast reservations for 9!! I saw on Kate's blog about the gatherings breakfast and I thought to call about that before we made it final.We are wearing all matching outfits from the Disney store.I will post pictures later. Then on Saturday after breakfast with the in Laws we will be going to go to Star Wars weekend.I missed 06.This one will be Eric's first. Can't wait!!!

Friday was my off day from training.
Today we are going shortly to the gym since it has been pouring here for 2 days straight!!!

For TOT in October We plan on arriving on 10/26 in the evening,and do the NSSHP that evening I believe and then the run on Saturday evening,and pick a park on Sunday.And we are waiting to set reservations for the on site room cause we are going to be looking in to one of the suites.The weekend of 6/30-7/1, we are going back to the kingdom for my daughter's birthday,and she doesn't know that her grandparents are meeting us there.And her Grandpa{my dad} has never been in the MK!!!!!!NEVER!!!!! I haven't been able to get him to go,but when she asks,he just steps up and wants to surprise her.That's going to be fun!!!!!
We are having shirts made and all. :)

Oh yeah, in Dec. during Mouse fest,if you want to meet let me know what the dates are .I have to in for the dates starting in July.The holidays are busy in the hospital and everyone wants off.In Jan.we will be running the family fun run in the AK in 08.

May the force be with you.....

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-Ya 08-09!!!