Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Daily Babble


I went to the gym yesterday.I didn't go Monday evening,I figured not to push it,since I had worked all day.I used the total fitness trainer.I did only 15 minutes and a 3 minute cool down.I did 1.01 miles in 18 minutes.Burned 180 calories on that machine.Then I did light upper body workout.When I got home I stretched.This morning I feel good.No pain,slight limp still not as bad as before.So now I am going to do a couple of the exercises that my Doctor gave me.Today we ride bikes.That is a 4 mile ride,and I am going to do it.Not a slow ride,a cardi0 workout and endurance workout.BUT if I start to hurt in anyway I will stop.


We are going back to the Kingdom in June.We will be going with Eric's sister and her husband,and daughter.And some of the in laws.I have never done this before.We are staying at the all star sports in a family suite.It has a mini kitchen in it and bunk beds for the kids, and 2 bathrooms.And a living room I believe.There will be any where form 8-10 of us.They are eating in the castle.Eric's niece is only 2 and she loves the princesses.WE are going to take them for breakfast in the crystal palace.This is going to be fun.I didn't get to take my children to Disney when they were little.Then Saturday,breakfast and they will be leaving afterwards and then we are going to Star Wars weekend.I can't wait.Plus Down town Disney should have the Mr.Potato head r2d2.I have spud trooper,and Darth tater.I collect a lot of things. :)


Well we have you first tropical storm of the year.It's off the coast close to the Carolina's.Because of the storm sitting there, we are having a lot of smoke from Georgia's fires and we have a new brush fire out in the everglades,and it has the main highways going to the west coast closed.It is very smokey outside.So we my not be riding the bikes outside.We may have to go to the gym to do that too.I just hope this storm does not go hurricane,it will cause me have to be on call to go to work within a 12 hour notice. :( {I work in a hospital that is one mile off the coast}Andrea150 miles of the coast of Daytona beach!!!turning west back to us!! Just great!!!:(

This picture is the sunset in Boca Grande off of the west coast.It's the memorial weekend retreat the new family goes to every year{06}

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
For Emergency Use Only :Consider taking a short break from running if you think i you go the beginning of an overuse injury or you're truly fatigued.A couple days rest may be the thing to reinvigorate you.Call this one instant running motivation for three days from now.


Joggerblogger said...

Well done on the gym time :-)

We are having breakfast at the crystal palace in October - the small person can't wait (and nether can we).

Hope the weather front work outs ok for you.

Anonymous said...

Great workout. So glad that it didn't hurt.

The Disney weekend in June with all the family sounds like fun.

We'll be having b'fast at Crystal Palace too. Usually only have lunch there but got the idea from WDWRadio (Oh Lou!) to book the earliest b'fast so that we could have Main Street to ourselves for a few minutes.

Can't wait.

- Kate