Sunday, May 20, 2007


I guess I messed up the settings on my last post.I figured it out.

Well I walked yesterday a 1/2 mile. No pain.No swelling or bruising.That's not counting all the walking we did in the malls either,or at the health and fitness expo.Today back in the malls trying to get everyone ready for the band banquet.The concert was good.

I have been off task the last two days on my diet choices.:( Not in quantity in choices.So I have to get back on track.
Breakfast: bowl of cereal{ Kashi cinnamon harvest,yogurt},OJ
Lunch:none DQ blizzard.
Dinner: homemade french bread milk
In between water and ice tea.
Breakfast:Out, scrambled eggs,slice of ham{grilled}half sausage,banana,glass of tea.
Lunch: bag of pretzels,protein water.
Dinner:homemade casserole,Pasta,cheese,veggie,sausage.Glass of milk.
In between water.Way off of my normal.

I can't wait till Friday.The new pirate movie and that means the third pirate Disney dollar will be out.I can't wait.I have the first two.An we are going to to the movie.

Wednesday is our one year.:)It seems longer than that.

Train hard.have fun,stay injury free!!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Exercise Improves Sexual Performance,according to research.Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about your walk. Sounds like solid progress.

I'm anxious for Pirates too. We'll probably wait until Sat or Sun to see it though.

Wednesday wil be a real nice day for you. One year. That's real special. Congrats again.

Joggerblogger said...

Sounds like that your'e getting back up and running :-)

I can't wait (nor my daughter and wife) for P3.

What was the expo like? It sounds awesome being able to nip to Miami - sweet!

Rae! said...

The health expo they had all different types of health screening going on,gyms,info on products for health and fitness.Local stores hospitals,shows from kids in programs open to the public.It was interesting.