Thursday, May 24, 2007


This is going to be quick.

I just blew it for today.Got up late,ate whatever,I could get my hands on which was left overs homemade french bread pizza. Later a shake, tea.water.
Dinner was nice,we went to the Calif.Pizza Kitchen.I had a half salad,Waldorf, which was greens,grapes,apple almonds,chicken.We also had a pizza chicken and garlic.

Bike: 20 min. lvl.7,6.41 miles random hills,cal.147
tri ext. 3 x15 @ 30 lbs
bi curl 3x15 @20 lbs
tri press 3x15@ 40 lbs
butterfly 3x10@40lbs
ab.machine 3x20@25 lbs
seated row 3x 15@50lbs
back ext. 3x15@120lbs {that is going light}
glute 2x12@25lbs
Treadmill 6 min. speed walking@.5 incline spd.3.8
6min.@3.5 0 incline total .77 of a mile cal.92
And No Pain!!!!!! Yes!!!!:)



Anonymous said...

Yeah! No pain. That's wonderful. Sounds like your workouts are doing really well.

jogblog said...

You had pizza for lunch and dinner? And I thought I was the pizza queen :-)

Joggerblogger said...

I'm the pizza king YUM!