Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Protect your Computer

Well I am back.My computer went down.When they crash they crash hard.It took 6 hours. Open this window close that window,restart, reboot. Man what a pain.Then I find out my warranty is up and to extend it out of pocket expense.OHHH.... but wait that still does not cover if any hardware is damaged. Now they found out that my ip address just disappeared.What do they mean disappear.Well some where,I picked up a worm or virus,or spy ware and it slowly ate the address. Poof!!!
GONE! So just happens we haven't networked all our computers yet,Thank goodness we didn't. We have back up.So again start here, opening this,opening that, closing this,and that, oh don't forget restart. So I am back for now anyway...Waiting on the recovery disc.Then WE will loose everything in the computer!!EVERYTHING!! What a pain,now I have to copy everything to disc,which is my favorites list and stuff like that. Now I do not have faith in the antivirus program I have and I want a new one. Any suggestions???Please..I have been told FireFox,never heard of them.

Tommorrow I go to the doctor.I am actually scared that I am going to be told that I can not continue.I know for sure that my knees have not been the problem,since I have had 3 knees surgeries,and the last one was this past October.I told my Eric that I will train in a wheelchair if the Doc says quit.Yes I am a nut like that.
I went to work,I have been paying dearly for that.Lots of ice and staying off of it as much as possible.

Jonathan you can come down and kick my butt,if no when I get the green light,you can try all you want not gonna let ya!!! Remember the black vans are there and I will be to worried about staying ahead of them!! : )

I found out that the medical staff that is there during any marathons,runs,etc are all volunteers.I thought about volunteering for the next one here.That would be neat to see it from that veiw.

Train hard and have fun!!!!!! C-ya at the start line 08-09!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooo. I love that picture of Lilo and Stitch. Very cool.

Sorry about your computer. I use McAfee on my Windows and Norton on my Mac. Have not had any problems to date.

And if you need any help pushing the wheelchair I will volunteer. But I really, really hope that you'll get a green light to train again.

- Kate

Joggerblogger said...

Snap Lilo and Stitch is ace.

Hope that it goes well at the doctors for you and that you can run... fingers crossed until the next post.

Joggerblogger said...

Ps I use Firefox for browsing and also go to google and download their pack - you get Norton for 6 months for free :-) plus some other really cool tools...