Thursday, May 3, 2007

Main Street Awaits..Me

I made it through the work day.I was able to get an easy assignment.Today is a good day.The pain is not as bad as it has been.Yes Kate I tore a muscle.Yes it's painful.I plan on speed walking the TOT race and possible small sprints in there we will see.And I have not done any type of training this week.I will start riding my bike on Monday.Why Monday...{big Grin}.....

I am going to Disney this weekend!!!!!WoooooHoooooo oh yeah!!!!!!

I have to go over to MGM and check out the Cell art frames that have been made,and find out which ones are the last ones to come out since they do not make the movies by hand anymore.Just computer generated now. :) If any one else wants me to look into any thing while I am there let me know.We are going to the water parks.We have not been to them yet.Can't Wait!!!!!!!We will be staying on site at the all star movies that is all that is available this weekend.The Minnie Marathon is this weekend.We thought about going to see it.
Yes I was thinking about volunteering at the 08 marathon not sure yet.If Eric is running I want to be right there the whole time.I will have a camera in each hand.Camcorder and digital.

Thanks again Jonathan for the inspiration,and spreading the magic today, I needed it. I was just gonna quit.In fear of I may hurt myself again.This has been a low point and thanks.Yes the 2009 will be my first too!! :) Yes we can do this together.I can't start any type of training for walking/jogging until the first week of June!!!!!!!!That's so far away!!!!!! :(

Train hard and have fun,stay injury free!!!!!
C-ya 09!!!


Anonymous said...

That's great about your work.

Oh, you are so lucky to be going to Disney this weekend. I hope you have a magical time. Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

I agree, if you volunteer it will be hard to cheer on Eric. You will be stuck a one spot for who knows how long.

Jonathan really is a great inspiration to us all. :)

- Kate

Anonymous said...


First of all - thank you thank you thank you. Your continued support of me on your blog makes a HUGE difference to me.

Secondly - you're darn right you're not giving up! If you have to wait until June to keep training - then you just have a month (only 4 weeks - really only 26 days) to focus on HOW TO DO IT WELL. How to track your progress - and push yourself without hurting yourself.

We are ALL here behind you. Remember? THat's what Disney Folks do!!

Now...go enjoy your trip - and tell Donald I say hi! (And don't tell him I said so, but Mickey's really my favorite....)



Joggerblogger said...

Have fun at the parks :-D I wish I were going. We are staying at the all stars in October... can't wait!

Blizzard beach is amazing - summit plummet wakes you up good and proper.

Remember not to over do it though with your leg, HAVE A GREAT TIME, look forward to hearing all about it.