Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hot Wheels Hunting Today

We went hot wheels hunting today.We couldn't take the track out last night the smoke from all the fires has made the air quality very bad down here.We just go out for the day and check the stores for new hot wheels on the store racks.I found my first treasure hunt.Pretty cool.Then we also found some of the new Disney Cars and we got them too.Next time I will wear my pedometer and track how much walking we do for the day.

We also went to the Character Warehouse today and I got some new kitchen stuff and some pins to trade.I have been having alot of luck collecting the cast lanyard pins this year,than I ever have.

No training today,maybe later I will ride my bike not sure.

Train hard.have fun.stay injury free!
C-ya 08-09

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Every mile you run burns roughly 100 calories.Think of that next 6 miler as two slices of pizza.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rae!

Sounds like a nice day off.

I've never been to the Character Warehouse. Sounds interesting though.

- Kate

jogblog said...

6 miles for just 2 slices of pizza? Life's so unfair :-)

erock said...

The kind of pizza I like would take 20 miles per slice...