Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I was so tired yesterday after work I didn't want to go to the gym. BUT I did. I wore my pedometer at work and my ending miles at work was 11.1 in a 12 hour shift.WOW!!!

At the gym I did biking and light weight training.I biked my 4 miles in 14 minutes and in 20 minutes I did 4.97,with a cool down of 3 Min's,so my total was 5.25 miles.But I don't count the cool down. my speed was 13.7. What a difference when you don't have to stop for turning cars or red lights.
Then I did the light weights. Ab machine drop some weight on it at 45 lbs @ 3 reps of 15, shoulder press 30lbs @ 3 reps of 12, bi curl first set of 12 @25 lb, 2 set @20 lbs, tri. curl @ 35lbs 3 reps of 12,and last of all the triceps press @ 70 lbs 2 reps of 15.That one I came down 10 pounds in weight.Doctor said to bring the weights down to under 68 pound to burn the fat.I was feeling the burn.I have not posted this part of my training.So I did this time.I have not dropped a pound since I have injured myself. :(

My diet is this: am protein smoothie {5:30}
9:30 break half cup of Oat meal,1 banana,a small yogurt{70cal.},orange juice
Lunch 1-1:30 salad tbsp of dressing,and left over from dinner,ice tea
5p break a protein drink from the heart healthy cafe {140 cal}
8p dinner only 1/2 cup servings,and small dessert,glass of milk 8oz.

I had bread yesterday at dinner,but i have cut that back to once a week and if I can't get the afternoon protein smoothie i have a half cup of mixed nuts I bring.I drink water in between.I keep the same thing going at home when I am off. I have one day a week I save to go out to dinner with friends,I order a salad of some kind with chicken and Ice tea.If we don't go off with our friends we take the kids out.

Then I get frustrated cause I try really hard.I train hard,work hard.I put all of my knowledge to work here.I have been at this since last November after i was cleared by my doctor and physical therapy.{knee surgery}I stared at 227 lbs all the progress I made is 220.I can't get past this!!! I never had a weight problem till 5 years ago.That's when I got married to my ex.Yes I was married before.

I want to do this so bad I have pictures on the frig,my locker at work here in the computer room/office to remind me {the 1/2m course,and 1/2m pictures out of runner's world}. The best part of it is my boyfriend.HE is doing this with me.He is awesome.Then I came across Jonathan.He inspired me.He inspired me enough to start a blog!!!
Then I have met so many nice people,it's been an interesting journey so far.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's World Kick in The Butt:
JUST START: If the thought of running your full workout is too much to bear,just suit up to run around the block. Chances are, once you're outside,you'll start to feel better and put in at least a few miles.

Is that so true or what!


Joggerblogger said...

It sucks when you have really put lots of effort (as you sure have) and you don't lose any, but hang in there :-) I'm sure it's just an evil plan to stop people training...

I'm glad your blogging and enjoing it - It's a nice way of keeping motivated and making friends from all over.


Anonymous said...

Loved the quote. It's quite true for me. I've had several days where I just did not want to run and it was slow going at the beginning and then it was fine. I know that I just need to push myself sometimes. And in the end it does feel really good to run.

Your weight training sounds good, as does the diet. I'm not sure why it's so hard to lose weight sometimes.

We'll get there though.

erock said...

Through all the frustration, you are still going to the gym! I say that is excellent and you are on the right track! Sometimes it is so easy to make excuses to not go, but if you get past that, great results will follow!