Thursday, May 31, 2007

End of The Month

Good Morning.

I am going to go on about yesterday first.

S:grill cheese/ice tea
D:Spanish rice with sausage.Glass of milk
I had 5 bottles of h2o yesterday

Bike:random hills 20 min.6.67,cal.147
Ab. 30lbs 3@25
shoulder press: 20lbs 3@12
seated row: 60lbs 2@15
bi curl:20 lbs 3@15
tri. curl: 30lbs 3@15
tri press: 55lbs3@10
Treadmill: incline .5.20 min.,first 10 min. speed walking @3.9
last 10 min.,walking @3.5,1.15 miles,cal 144.And NO Pain!!!!!!!

I am working back up to the 4 miles,but I am doing it slower than I really would have.Then I realized last night that I first started out that I could not even walk at the 3.5 speed.It was too hard.I was light jogging at 3.9, now I'm speed walking at that speed.WOW! I didn't notice that before until Eric had pointed that out.I am glad he did.I needed that.I know I don't seem down,but going to the gym is a stress reducer for me.After a bad afternoon with my son,is draining.He was just having a low day yesterday.And it brings everyone down here in the house.

Today so far it has been an eye opener.I got on the scale,weighing in so I can see were I am at today since it is the last day of the month.I figured on not seeing any change.Well I did.I am excited.I was so surprised I had to move the scale and make sure it was zeroed properly.
I have actually lost 1.5 pounds!!!!I thought I was seeing things.No it moved.1.5 lbs.It finally moved ,5 months later it moved.I'm so happy.:) :) Crazy to get excited over but hey when you have gone as long as I have with out the scale moving it 's exciting!!!!

This is my shirt from the heart walk/run from March of this year.It was sponsor by the hospital I work at.This is the second year I went.My good friend and I raised $100.00 for the run/walk.It wasn't as good as the year before.Our team captian didn't show up and our sponsor didn't have a booth up.That was embarrassing.It was being televised and everything.I was to embarrassed to walk.Plus the other hospital bet us in the highest donations too.We all just left.Later we found out that they were making cut backs and that was one of the cuts.:( I don't think I will go next year.

Well to end this month,alot has gone on and I hope next month will bring on bigger and better things. I hope I can speed walk for the month of June and work back up to jogging by the end of the month.Will that count Joggerblogger for the run a day in June??

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Runner's World kick in the Butt:
"Learn to run when feeling the pain;then push harder"
William Sigei,Kenyan runner

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What a day at work.I am beat.Plus I went to the gym and just sat down.{Yes still in gym clothes}
I want to tell everyone that I found the new Disney World Trivia blog.Hi Lou!!!!! Go check him out.
A great big hello to karma!!!

This is one of my favorite DTD stores.Stitch is spitting on everyone.

5:30a smoothie,protein,banana,OJ,ice,yogurt,peanut butter
B: cereal flax flakes 3/4 c,1/2c milk,banana,OJ,
L:salad,chicken parm,ice tea
D: chicken salad, baby lettuce,carrots,1/2 serving of dressing.
S: pop ice
h20 all the way.

Bike:lvl.7,spd.18.2,20 min.,mile6.41 random hills,cal 157
Ab. machine: 35 lbs,3@25
BI cep curl: 15lbs,2@15
Tri curl: 20 lbs,2@15
shoulder press: 10lbs,2@12
seated row: 60lbs, 2@12
Treadmill: 6mins speedwalk@3.9 4mins,@3.5 total .77,cal.92

I agree with Jonathan on not to take two days in a row off the body doesn't like it at all.

This is a picture of Lightening McQueen,his stickers on the side of him @MGM.They are funny.

Train hard,have fun,Stay Injury free!!!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Sign up now for a winter marathon in a warm state.Every training mile you log takes you closer to that winter getaway in toasty Phoenix,Florida or Las Vegas.

Monday, May 28, 2007

What's Blooming Today

This picture is from the flower and garden fest. at Epcot. Hint the theme.The flowers are always beautiful.

Here is another one.This is the back of the first one.

They are just so pretty and I felt like sharing tonight.

Treasure chest cool.

Well it's raining again and there will be no walking or biking.The gym wasn't open either.:(
So I played on the computer for a while today and helped my Eric rearrange the hot wheels room.{no were close to being done}Kids where out with their friends.We are getting things moved around to prepare the room bring added on in the back.Over all a nice day.

Today's meals:
B: scrambled eggs with broccoli,and cheese.Oj,banana,serving of cottage cheese with a half of a pare.
S:sugar free pop ice
D: homemade chicken parm. with potatoes,glass ice tea

Of course the h2o for today and I still need to drink the second one.I don't see that happening since it is so late already.I was reading jogblog's blog today and to learn something real disturbing.That Mars is putting or has been putting a bi product in there snacks.Cow rennet.Which is calf stomach lining.That is just disgusting. I can not eat any beef products it makes me very ill.This would explain the upset stomach I would get later when I ate those.When we try to be a close vegetarian this doesn't help leaving hardly any options out there for a dessert. I made it known in this house that they will not be bought,anymore.I plan on letting everyone at work know.It's our right to know.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free.

C-ya 08-09!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:

RUNNING COMMENTARY "Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day.It ask you 'are you going to be a whimp,or are you going to be strong today?' "Peter Maher two time Olympic marathoner from Canada.

Today I am a Whimp.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Agrr Ye Maties

Happy Sunday!!!

We rode bikes yesterday,and did the 4 miles in 22 minutes.That's against the wind,handle bars were to low,traffic was just horrible.We started off in good time,and lost a lot of time,when we hit the traffic.I don't want to do that anymore.It was scary.I have to find out if the gym is open tomorrow.

What a crazy day at work today.The day started off nice and then it just when south.:({I am so tired}Its pouring right now so there is not,going to be outings tonight.I think I am catching a cold or just allergies.

5:30a smoothie{banana,peanut butter,yogurt,protein,ice,OJ.
B:cereal,3/4 c,1/2c milk,OJ,yogurt.
L:kashi southwest chicken,salad,dressing,and hard boiled egg whites,tea
D: sausage,Annie's Mac /cheese,corn,tea.
Only half of my h2o today working on the last one now.

Happy Memorial Day!!! Thanks to all the troops!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!
C-ya 08-09!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Create a blog where you post your daily mileage,then give out the Web address to your friends and family .Do you really want Aunt Ellen to ask you why you skipped your 4 miler on Wednesday?

Wow does that sound familiar?

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I have made my rounds and told everyone to sit through the credits.You are not going to believe how this ends....or begins?????? That's all I am going to say 4 now.:) We may go back to sit through it again.It is busy from the moment you make it through the previews.

Nothing,I feel asleep waiting on my gym buddy.Didn't get up till the alarm went off and I was still in my gym clothes.
5/25 getting ready to go walk.Around the the block is a 1/2 mile.

Diet 5/24
B: Smoothie{300}
S: oatmeal{1/2 c cal. 100},banana,grapefruit juice{1 ser. 100cal}
L:chicken Cesar salad{200 cal},ice tea,quarter of a chocolate muffin{90 cal}
D: chicken salad with olives,tomatoes,cheese{250},tbsp dressing{100}
Through out the day got in my 8glasses of h2o

B:smoothie {300}
S: oatmeal{100},orange,date muffin{120}
L: salad,lettuce tomato,turkey,cheese,{190},serving of dressing {100},100 cal gold fish
D:half of sub from publix {360}
drank my 8 glasses of h2o through out the day.

I decided to cut my calories down.I started that yesterday.My body is fighting me hard.It doesn't like that at all.But I am fighting back.

I realized that Tower of Terror Race will now be 4 months away!?!I can keep the pace speed walking with an extra 20 minutes to spare off the 2.5 hours they set, but I am going to try to add some jogging sprints in there.That may slow me down.I haven't tried it yet since I have been back at the walking.I'm working back up to it so I don't injure myself again.

Have a great weekend.Be safe.The have a check point set up out on our main street.


Thursday, May 24, 2007


This is going to be quick.

I just blew it for today.Got up late,ate whatever,I could get my hands on which was left overs homemade french bread pizza. Later a shake, tea.water.
Dinner was nice,we went to the Calif.Pizza Kitchen.I had a half salad,Waldorf, which was greens,grapes,apple almonds,chicken.We also had a pizza chicken and garlic.

Bike: 20 min. lvl.7,6.41 miles random hills,cal.147
tri ext. 3 x15 @ 30 lbs
bi curl 3x15 @20 lbs
tri press 3x15@ 40 lbs
butterfly 3x10@40lbs
ab.machine 3x20@25 lbs
seated row 3x 15@50lbs
back ext. 3x15@120lbs {that is going light}
glute 2x12@25lbs
Treadmill 6 min. speed walking@.5 incline spd.3.8
6min.@3.5 0 incline total .77 of a mile cal.92
And No Pain!!!!!! Yes!!!!:)


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heart Warming

Good evening.

The band banquet was really nice.My daughter received 3 awards.One for her solo,one for outstanding musicianship,and for completing the class.If I could get the computer to cooperate I would post a picture of her trophy.I will later. She also surprised us by going up in front of everyone and telling what band meant to her.I was so flattered.She began by telling that she is 3rd generation playing on this instrument and how long she has been playing.She also gave a great big thank you to us for supporting her and pushing her when needed.I was touched.

We took today off no training.

AM shake{ protein powder,banana,cup of milk,1/2c yogurt,2tbs of peanut butter.}
2P chicken,single serving of fries, ice tea
7P salad,potatoes,green beans,water and ice tea,slice of chocolate cake.
{that is what was served at the banquet.}

I did not do the clean plate club for the serving sizes were just to big.I am proud of myself for that.

Tomorrow is our one year.I believe we are going out for dinner and a movie.Not sure since I have not been the one planning this.:)

Two more weeks and we are off to the Kingdom again!!!It's going to be fun.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

C-ya 08-09!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Monday!!

Not a bad day today.

At the gym tonight:
Bike random hills,level 7,20 minutes,6.67
Ti curl:20 lbs.,3reps @20
Bi curl: 30 lbs 3reps @20
Seated row:1 rep@12 70 lbs.
2 reps@12 60 lbs
ab.machine 35 lbs,3 reps 40
shoulder press,30 lbs 3 reps@15
leg extension,20 lbs,3 reps 20
leg ex.single leg 10 lbs,1 rep 15
Leg curl,40 lbs,3 reps @20

5:30a no shake,hot tea
9:30a oatmeal,yogurt{70},water
1:30p left over pasta and sausage,salad, ice tea
7p south beach bar
8:30p chicken{fried 2 pieces},peas,ice tea

Plus work today.That's for today.My pedometer broke so I have no miles for work.
Tomorrow is my daughter's banquet.Her day to shine.The school jazz band is going to play,then dinner,and the awards.I do know she will be getting a superior for her solo she played.And she gets to go to the symphonic band.She skips a whole class.She plays my clarinet,that has been in the family.It's an original wood.She is also the 3rd generation to play this one.I am proud.My son is on the b honor roll,and wants to play football.We will see.:)

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
If you don't run road races,where will you get your t-shirts??

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I guess I messed up the settings on my last post.I figured it out.

Well I walked yesterday a 1/2 mile. No pain.No swelling or bruising.That's not counting all the walking we did in the malls either,or at the health and fitness expo.Today back in the malls trying to get everyone ready for the band banquet.The concert was good.

I have been off task the last two days on my diet choices.:( Not in quantity in choices.So I have to get back on track.
Breakfast: bowl of cereal{ Kashi cinnamon harvest,yogurt},OJ
Lunch:none DQ blizzard.
Dinner: homemade french bread milk
In between water and ice tea.
Breakfast:Out, scrambled eggs,slice of ham{grilled}half sausage,banana,glass of tea.
Lunch: bag of pretzels,protein water.
Dinner:homemade casserole,Pasta,cheese,veggie,sausage.Glass of milk.
In between water.Way off of my normal.

I can't wait till Friday.The new pirate movie and that means the third pirate Disney dollar will be out.I can't wait.I have the first two.An we are going to to the movie.

Wednesday is our one year.:)It seems longer than that.

Train hard.have fun,stay injury free!!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Exercise Improves Sexual Performance,according to research.Nuff said.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Morning

Well today is a great day.It's going to be interesting today as well.Man is it warm today.I might put the top down on the car today while I do my running around.
Tonight is my daughter's spring band concert.All the hard work and practice is going to pay off.This summer is band camp.I haven't had to any of this since i was in school.Then Tuesday we have the awards dinner to go to.Black tie affair. Then Wednesday is my one year with Eric.That's so awesome.

Today is the light weights.Fat burning.Today is also my first day exercising the injured muscle.I will try not to over do.I will listed what I do later today.

We won't be taking the H.W. track out tonight due to the concert.I imagine we will go look for some tonight after the concert. :)

My daughter wants her friend to come with us and go to Disney on her birthday.I haven't done that And I don't know if I want to be responsible for someone else's child so far away from home.But I know they would have a lot of fun,the other parents are OK with it and want to get together and chat about this tonight.I think I will have her come over and spend the day with us first to make sure we all get along before I commit to this.Thoughts??? We have till the end of June. Before we decide.

Shin splints are cause by over use,and not having properly fitted shoes.I have been told by my doctor that I will go threw more shoes now training,than I would if I wasn't training.When your feet are not comfortable or start to hurt buy new shoes.I have had mine for 3 months and I need new ones,Eric is on his second pair.I have asics gels with extra support.#2120's. I may try the next pair above those.$89-$120 price range.I am going to the shop here to be fitted and go from there.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-Ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's world Kick in the Butt:
The pile of dishes in the sink can wait till the sun goes down.Your
tempo run can't.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thank Goodness It's Thursday!!!!!Today is my Friday.!!!

Thank you for the support on Eric's sister.The appendix was removed, with no complications and she has been cleared to still come down and go to Disney.:)

Biking indoors random hills 22 minutes,level 7 the whole intire time.Mileage was 6.96. 157 calories.Hear rate maintained 124-128.I was impressed.Light weights again this time I added seated leg curl,and leg extension.My injured muscle did fine.I just over used it at work today so I hurt today.

I am going to get a personal trainer when June comes.I want to learn to do things right and eat better than I am now.I do know I already need to get new shoes.I may need to join a jogging club or walking club.We will see what the trainer has to say.

Runner's World Kick In the Butt:
Go Soft:
It's hard to stay motivated with shin splints,so get off the pavement for a few days and run on a cross- country course or unpaved bike paths.

Sound familiar?

C-ya 08-09!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh No!!!

Just a quick update.Eric's sister is in the hospital she is having her appendix removed.We may have to postpone our June trip.I just want to wish her well and a quick recovery.Everyone send a little magic please.Thanks.:)

A Better Day

Thank you everyone for the kick in the butt,just some days are just worse than others.

Last night at the gym,{bike only}.It was storming outside here so there was no training outside.Not complaining we need the rain here.

I did a warm up program on the bike,it is only 7 minutes long.I did 1.47 miles at level 8.Then I hoped over and try the random hill program for 20 minutes.It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.At 12 minutes in I was at my 4 mile mark,20 minutes I made it to 5.97.Then a cool down of 2 minutes so I ended at 6.33.My level of intensity between 5-8.So I did a total of 7.44 miles for the evening.Heart rate maintained @120-124.I could talk w/o loosing my breathe.I am going to add an extra 2 minutes tonight.Baby steps.

Dinner:{8:30} cup of tomato soup,chicken salad sandwich,the chicken salad was made of all natural chicken breast meat,Smart balance omega 3 mayo,celery flakes,garlic powder,and pepper.The role was an onion roll.Slice of pickle.Glass of milk.
This Morning,I got up late,{9a}Had my protein smoothie.two and a half glasses of h2o.I fill a h2o bottle that equals 2.5 glasses of h2o.Around 1p I will have my oatmeal.For dinner I'm not sure what to make as of yet.

I may be going back over to the Character Warehouse to pick up some more pins to trade.I limited my self to 20.00 in pins to buy for trading.I have been picking them up for$1.99 a piece lately.I love the warehouse.{ we go on a weekly basis}I get stuff there much less than at Disney.I have bought a lot. They know me by name now.:) The other store here is the premier store.It's in the Sawgrass and for some reason they haven't been doing as well with pins and variety of items from the parks lately.I have an idea why but I won't say out loud.{the manager of the store}They use to have Radio Disney there on weekends things for the kids,pin trading nights.Now nothing.

In two weeks is my first anniversary.{ dating}We are going to the restaurant we first met at.We talked on the computer a lot before we were able to meet.It's going to be fun.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Run for a reason: Do a race for charity.Helping kids with diabetes or women with breast cancer makes it much easier to get out the door.

Sound Familiar???

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I was so tired yesterday after work I didn't want to go to the gym. BUT I did. I wore my pedometer at work and my ending miles at work was 11.1 in a 12 hour shift.WOW!!!

At the gym I did biking and light weight training.I biked my 4 miles in 14 minutes and in 20 minutes I did 4.97,with a cool down of 3 Min's,so my total was 5.25 miles.But I don't count the cool down. my speed was 13.7. What a difference when you don't have to stop for turning cars or red lights.
Then I did the light weights. Ab machine drop some weight on it at 45 lbs @ 3 reps of 15, shoulder press 30lbs @ 3 reps of 12, bi curl first set of 12 @25 lb, 2 set @20 lbs, tri. curl @ 35lbs 3 reps of 12,and last of all the triceps press @ 70 lbs 2 reps of 15.That one I came down 10 pounds in weight.Doctor said to bring the weights down to under 68 pound to burn the fat.I was feeling the burn.I have not posted this part of my training.So I did this time.I have not dropped a pound since I have injured myself. :(

My diet is this: am protein smoothie {5:30}
9:30 break half cup of Oat meal,1 banana,a small yogurt{70cal.},orange juice
Lunch 1-1:30 salad tbsp of dressing,and left over from dinner,ice tea
5p break a protein drink from the heart healthy cafe {140 cal}
8p dinner only 1/2 cup servings,and small dessert,glass of milk 8oz.

I had bread yesterday at dinner,but i have cut that back to once a week and if I can't get the afternoon protein smoothie i have a half cup of mixed nuts I bring.I drink water in between.I keep the same thing going at home when I am off. I have one day a week I save to go out to dinner with friends,I order a salad of some kind with chicken and Ice tea.If we don't go off with our friends we take the kids out.

Then I get frustrated cause I try really hard.I train hard,work hard.I put all of my knowledge to work here.I have been at this since last November after i was cleared by my doctor and physical therapy.{knee surgery}I stared at 227 lbs all the progress I made is 220.I can't get past this!!! I never had a weight problem till 5 years ago.That's when I got married to my ex.Yes I was married before.

I want to do this so bad I have pictures on the frig,my locker at work here in the computer room/office to remind me {the 1/2m course,and 1/2m pictures out of runner's world}. The best part of it is my boyfriend.HE is doing this with me.He is awesome.Then I came across Jonathan.He inspired me.He inspired me enough to start a blog!!!
Then I have met so many nice people,it's been an interesting journey so far.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's World Kick in The Butt:
JUST START: If the thought of running your full workout is too much to bear,just suit up to run around the block. Chances are, once you're outside,you'll start to feel better and put in at least a few miles.

Is that so true or what!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well today was a nice Mother's Day even though I had to work.My sweetheart brought my kids up to have lunch with me.That was nice.It made my day.

We didn't ride last night the smoke was to thick,and we didn't go to the gym they closed early.Tonight we rode our bikes and we did 4 miles in 21:30.Shaved off 2 minutes and I do not hurt any where. :) It was windy to,and riding against the wind isn't easy.Whew!!Wiping the sweat off my forehead.Now I need to go shower and relax.

I am so glad to see that everyone is making alot of progress! That makes me feel good.I also know that someone else is doing the same thing for the same reason,and if I need a pick me up I know I can get it from everyone.That is cool. :)

Train hard,have fun,and stay injury free!
c-ya 08-09!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Fill the tub with hot water,then head out for a three miler on a frigid morning.The sooner you get back the hotter your bath is.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hot Wheels Hunting Today

We went hot wheels hunting today.We couldn't take the track out last night the smoke from all the fires has made the air quality very bad down here.We just go out for the day and check the stores for new hot wheels on the store racks.I found my first treasure hunt.Pretty cool.Then we also found some of the new Disney Cars and we got them too.Next time I will wear my pedometer and track how much walking we do for the day.

We also went to the Character Warehouse today and I got some new kitchen stuff and some pins to trade.I have been having alot of luck collecting the cast lanyard pins this year,than I ever have.

No training today,maybe later I will ride my bike not sure.

Train hard.have fun.stay injury free!
C-ya 08-09

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Every mile you run burns roughly 100 calories.Think of that next 6 miler as two slices of pizza.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Off Today

Today is my off day.No training today.I hope that I see a difference too Kate.But I can only start back at a half mile at a time.I have to be able to speak clearly and speed walk before I can add more mileage.I can't wait.But i will.Last night I did @ miles on the tbftin 29:53 minutes.

Thanks Jonathan for the info on what a dole whip is. I haven't had one, and I will wait to have one.Mouse fest or 1/2m 09.Or both.:) Just be careful and don't hurt yourself.20 months I believe till we run.Got your letter today and it's on it's way back to you.We doubled it ok.Oh and I put a surprise in it.Let me know when you get it.

Joggerblogger thanks,I found the quotes on Runner's World and I thought it would be neat to post them.I'm glad you like them.I sure do.

That's all for tonight,I hope everyone has a great weekend and Mother's Day.Hug your Mother this weekend.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
Feeling tired? Instead of taking the day off,throw some walk breaks into your run.Use the walk breaks to refuel,stretch out sore muscles,or get inspired by the scenery.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well we rode our bikes last night,and this is the first time that I have ever timed it.Let me say that I was impressed with the final time.We rode 4 miles and we did it in 23:20.Can you believe it!!!I sure can't.I didn't realize that we were riding that fast.That was including a sidewalk block from a traffic trouble!!

Tonight we are going to the gym to do the light weight training.That way I won't be over doing the bike riding and re injure my self.No pain today and no limp.But when I walked a little fast at work My muscle did tell me to slow down.I did.This friday will be week 2 since my injury.

This month just can't go fast enough so I can get out there walking again.

Hi and wecome to Erock.This is a great group to talk with and keep informed with everything Disney.And when you feel down,say so the support will come rolling in.!!!And it all helps.I haven't met anyone here either but I sure can not wait to meet everyone.

Thank you to everyone for the support you have gave and I only hope to be able to return it. :)

Train hard ,have fun,and stay injury free!!!

C-ya 08-09

Runner's World Kick in The Butt:
Don't expect everyday to be better than the last.Some days will be slower than others,and some days might even hurt a bit.But as long as you're on the road,it's a good day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Daily Babble


I went to the gym yesterday.I didn't go Monday evening,I figured not to push it,since I had worked all day.I used the total fitness trainer.I did only 15 minutes and a 3 minute cool down.I did 1.01 miles in 18 minutes.Burned 180 calories on that machine.Then I did light upper body workout.When I got home I stretched.This morning I feel good.No pain,slight limp still not as bad as before.So now I am going to do a couple of the exercises that my Doctor gave me.Today we ride bikes.That is a 4 mile ride,and I am going to do it.Not a slow ride,a cardi0 workout and endurance workout.BUT if I start to hurt in anyway I will stop.


We are going back to the Kingdom in June.We will be going with Eric's sister and her husband,and daughter.And some of the in laws.I have never done this before.We are staying at the all star sports in a family suite.It has a mini kitchen in it and bunk beds for the kids, and 2 bathrooms.And a living room I believe.There will be any where form 8-10 of us.They are eating in the castle.Eric's niece is only 2 and she loves the princesses.WE are going to take them for breakfast in the crystal palace.This is going to be fun.I didn't get to take my children to Disney when they were little.Then Saturday,breakfast and they will be leaving afterwards and then we are going to Star Wars weekend.I can't wait.Plus Down town Disney should have the Mr.Potato head r2d2.I have spud trooper,and Darth tater.I collect a lot of things. :)


Well we have you first tropical storm of the year.It's off the coast close to the Carolina's.Because of the storm sitting there, we are having a lot of smoke from Georgia's fires and we have a new brush fire out in the everglades,and it has the main highways going to the west coast closed.It is very smokey outside.So we my not be riding the bikes outside.We may have to go to the gym to do that too.I just hope this storm does not go hurricane,it will cause me have to be on call to go to work within a 12 hour notice. :( {I work in a hospital that is one mile off the coast}Andrea150 miles of the coast of Daytona beach!!!turning west back to us!! Just great!!!:(

This picture is the sunset in Boca Grande off of the west coast.It's the memorial weekend retreat the new family goes to every year{06}

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!

Runner's World Kick in the Butt:
For Emergency Use Only :Consider taking a short break from running if you think i you go the beginning of an overuse injury or you're truly fatigued.A couple days rest may be the thing to reinvigorate you.Call this one instant running motivation for three days from now.

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm Back!!

Well the weekend was just to short.WE went to MK on Saturday,it was so much fun.We ate in the Chrystal Palace.Eric's first time in there .I took my crutches with me.I only walked around with one for a while.It was hot and muggy.We went to ride some of our favorite rides and I didn't realize that I was going to be directed to the handicap walk ways.Well that was as good as getting fast passes free all day.=) The leg got tired and we went to a different park.That didn't last long since the pain was taking over.

So we went and checked in the Resort.I will recommend the Grovesnor to anyone.The view was awesome.We stayed on the 15th floor. The east side of Downtown Disney.The resort does charge a ten dollar fee,but you get unlimited access to their gym,and a list of other things.Oh yes the in room safe is included.we will be going back there.Sat. evening we went to Disney Quest.We had fun there too.At first I thought all it was going to be was video games but it wasn't.We did some of the virtual games and the kids did what they wanted.It was fun I will go back there.

Sunday was fun at the water parks.All I could really do was the lazy pool.The rest was alot so climbing of stairs and I just said no.I will wait.They all had a blast.i must say that typhoon lagoon is going to be my favorite.Not as crowded either.around 4p the thunder storms rolled in and took over,so at that point we decided to pack it in and start to travel home.It rained all the way home.We go again in about three weeks.

The hand painted cells,like the pirates one is one of a few they are doing and finishing up on and there will not be anymore made after the "FEW" that are left to do.

Well got to cut this short and go to the gym.I have to start on the light weights.I will not be doing any running or tredmill. I will try to use the total body fitness trainer.I will up date a little later!

Train hard,have fun,and stay injury free!!!
C-ya 08-09!!!!

Runner's World Quote:
"There are as many reasons for running as there are days in the year.But I run because I am an animal and a child,an artist and a saint.So too,are you.Find your own play,your own self-renewing compulsion,and you will become the person you are meant to be."
Dr.George Sheehan,writer and philosopher

Friday, May 4, 2007

Packed,and Ready

We are packed and ready to go! We are leaving early in the morning around 4a,that will put us there about 7-8a as long as traffic is good.

Change of plans on where we are staying.We will be staying at the Grosvenor Resort at Walt Disney World near down town Disney.They over booked us so we had to find a different hotel.Still has the buses and all that is Disney.I will let everyone know.

I wasn't planning on riding any of the large water rides since I can't point my toes,or hold them up.I don't want to make my injury worse.I am taking my second set of legs{crutches} in case my leg gets real tired,or painful.

Its the weekend before my son's birthday,so this is one of his gifts from us.He gets to pick where we are going,rides,shows,and where to eat.But he has to wear all the birthday buttons we have collected and get the new one for this year and walk down Main Street USA so they all we sing Happy Birthday to him.I did it now it's his turn!Can't wait!!!Unless it is a earth shattering emergency no one will be able to get a hold of us.We have 2 rules while at Disney.
1.Not allowed to talk about work/school while we are there.
2.Not allowed to answer the phone to work.
So everyone have a great weekend.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

C-ya 08-09!!

From Runner's World:
Stadiums are for spectators.We runners have nature and that is much better.
Julia V, Finland

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Main Street Awaits..Me

I made it through the work day.I was able to get an easy assignment.Today is a good day.The pain is not as bad as it has been.Yes Kate I tore a muscle.Yes it's painful.I plan on speed walking the TOT race and possible small sprints in there we will see.And I have not done any type of training this week.I will start riding my bike on Monday.Why Monday...{big Grin}.....

I am going to Disney this weekend!!!!!WoooooHoooooo oh yeah!!!!!!

I have to go over to MGM and check out the Cell art frames that have been made,and find out which ones are the last ones to come out since they do not make the movies by hand anymore.Just computer generated now. :) If any one else wants me to look into any thing while I am there let me know.We are going to the water parks.We have not been to them yet.Can't Wait!!!!!!!We will be staying on site at the all star movies that is all that is available this weekend.The Minnie Marathon is this weekend.We thought about going to see it.
Yes I was thinking about volunteering at the 08 marathon not sure yet.If Eric is running I want to be right there the whole time.I will have a camera in each hand.Camcorder and digital.

Thanks again Jonathan for the inspiration,and spreading the magic today, I needed it. I was just gonna quit.In fear of I may hurt myself again.This has been a low point and thanks.Yes the 2009 will be my first too!! :) Yes we can do this together.I can't start any type of training for walking/jogging until the first week of June!!!!!!!!That's so far away!!!!!! :(

Train hard and have fun,stay injury free!!!!!
C-ya 09!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Virdict Is In.......

Well I saw my Doctor today.Good news is I did not break any bones.The bad news is I tore a muscle.Yes a muscle.It will take 6 weeks to heal.No speed walking,no running.Cross train by riding a bike, or swim so I do not loose my endurance,and muscle mass.I can work,as long as I can sit down as needed and ice my leg.Its the muscle that pulls your foot up to flex.

Now here is the really bad news........

I will not be running the 2008 1/2m. :( I have to pull out.The doctor prefers me not to do any running,with my bad knees. :( :( If I can keep pace at speed walking he said go for it,but prefer not to see me run.He gave me that look.I was just grinning from ear to ear.My Doctor is a triathlon runner.He is a pro sports medicine doctor and he is third in the nation.He gave me exercises to do After my muscle stops hurting.I will have to start training from the beginning,slow my pace down,1/2 mile at a time.

So we sat down and I have decided not to do the 2008 1/2m, but Eric is going to continue to train to do it.I am going to be cheering.I can do the 5k at AK.But not all is lost for I will be doing the 1/2 in 2009.I may be able to do the TOT run.Yes that will give me more time to train.My doctor said to also eat a high protein diet.Do light weight training with less weight and more reps to burn off the fat.No more than 68 pounds.Do them till I feel the burn that means you are burning the fat. But not to hurt myself.If I end up coming back to his office before the next 5 weeks are up he said he will not let me go back to work until it's healed.

This is where I am at.So I feel bad all I can do is cheer everyone on,but that will be just as much fun.I will take alot of pictures to post.

I will get up and dust myself off and come back......
I am a Disney person and that's what Disney people do...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Protect your Computer

Well I am back.My computer went down.When they crash they crash hard.It took 6 hours. Open this window close that window,restart, reboot. Man what a pain.Then I find out my warranty is up and to extend it out of pocket expense.OHHH.... but wait that still does not cover if any hardware is damaged. Now they found out that my ip address just disappeared.What do they mean disappear.Well some where,I picked up a worm or virus,or spy ware and it slowly ate the address. Poof!!!
GONE! So just happens we haven't networked all our computers yet,Thank goodness we didn't. We have back up.So again start here, opening this,opening that, closing this,and that, oh don't forget restart. So I am back for now anyway...Waiting on the recovery disc.Then WE will loose everything in the computer!!EVERYTHING!! What a pain,now I have to copy everything to disc,which is my favorites list and stuff like that. Now I do not have faith in the antivirus program I have and I want a new one. Any suggestions???Please..I have been told FireFox,never heard of them.

Tommorrow I go to the doctor.I am actually scared that I am going to be told that I can not continue.I know for sure that my knees have not been the problem,since I have had 3 knees surgeries,and the last one was this past October.I told my Eric that I will train in a wheelchair if the Doc says quit.Yes I am a nut like that.
I went to work,I have been paying dearly for that.Lots of ice and staying off of it as much as possible.

Jonathan you can come down and kick my butt,if no when I get the green light,you can try all you want not gonna let ya!!! Remember the black vans are there and I will be to worried about staying ahead of them!! : )

I found out that the medical staff that is there during any marathons,runs,etc are all volunteers.I thought about volunteering for the next one here.That would be neat to see it from that veiw.

Train hard and have fun!!!!!! C-ya at the start line 08-09!!!!!!