Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just Another Day In Paradise

Today is like every other day.Get up,kiss your sweetheart as he goes out the door. Get the kids up to get them to where they are going. Then have breakfast,tidy up a bit,then off to the gym.Yes I go twice a day every other day.Even on days when I work.I work three days a week @ 12 hour shifts.
Yesterday evening we walked 4.0 miles outside.It took 1:11:36.Not bad for walking at a fast pace and not running at all.That is 23 minutes longer than my normal 3 miles.That is the complete outside of my neighborhood.Now we have to do that twice to get the 8 miles in for the TOT race,At 15 minutes per mile.I will struggle to get to that pace. Its hard, but the rewards are going to be great.Oh yeah try drinking water and walking really fast isn't easy either,it's gonna take practice.It was funny trying to open the bottle,was OK but drinking well that was the funny part.Trying to walk without moving up and down and watching were you are going,end up wearing the most of it.Well I did.Then try to eat a banana!?!That is just way to funny.
My BF has came up with a plan to help raise money to donate to the dream.I will reveal more later as it comes together.;)
Well I hope everyone has a good day and keep on training!!
C-ya at the start line in 08-09!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

Hi - thanks for dropping in. Great to put a face to you, I've seen you posting over on Mr Ditcher's blog.

Well done on the running/walking. It's a great way to get fit and help raise money for others.

I'm looking forward to the Tower of Terror 13K in October (will be over for 2 weeks from the UK) I'm hopefully going to be meeting up with as many Disney fans as possible. First on the list is Nathan Rose :-) Will you be going?

Look forward to reading more soon - I'll post a link from my blog roll.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rae!

That is so funny. I can just see the water sloshing. I've tried on the treadmill but it's very hard to drink from a regular bottle.

I guess they just have paper cups with water on the course. It must be an acquired talent. :)

- Kate