Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Post

Today is mt first post.I have never done this before so here I go..

I have just been so inspired by everyone lately.It's amazing how we all are brought together by a common goal.The Walt Disney Half Marathon 2008. Other than all of us are all Disney fans.Amazing how everyone decided to do this long training process at the same time and do the same race.
I want to thank Jonathan for his blog and inspiration to keep going.There has been many times I just wanted to quit and I did not.I am glad to help him in his quest to send a pediactic cancer patient to Disney.I can't wait til the goal is reached.How exciting this will be.Oh yes Jonathan thank you for the intro to Kate's Thinking Spot. {Hi Kate :) }
I want to aslo thank my rock,my loving and wonderful BF.He has been right here the whole time and even though he can run alot faster and farther,he still runs with me and cheers me on.
We are training outside now.It is different than on the tredmill.I was running 3/4 of a mile at a time on the tm.I was run/walk 3 miles in 46 minutes.Now I have had to start all over again.It's humid here and my breathing is off pace now so I have to learn how to regain that endurance back.Today I weigh 220.I have lost ten pounds since Janruary 07.I will not weigh again till the middle of May.(hint hint)We have also registered for the Tower of Terror run in October this year.No turning back now!!
So this is me and my story on my journey to the Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2008

C-ya at the start line in 08-09!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Way to go Rae!!!

I am so proud of you. What a wonderful goal you are setting.

I wish I could do the 13K too. It sounds like mucho fun. I can't wait to hear all about it. [Sounds like a Trip Report] :)

I too was inspired BIG TIME by Jonathan. To set up a blog, to do the marathon, to lose weight, to try to be healthy. Jonathan ROCKS.

Now if we can only get together an offical DWT Dream Team.....

- Kate