Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today I have just rested.I have iced my foot/ankle area elevated it walked a little as possible.Watch movies today,Went for ride.Nice day over all.

Now I have to decide if I want to try to go to work in the morning.Hmmm.....

Walking is still painful. 12 hours can be really painful.The worst thing that can happen is that I would get sent home,or sent to the ER.I can't even push in my clutch in my car without some pain. Well I also have a king cobra clutch too.{Hot Rod} :)

I didn't go to run the cars on the track last night.Since I didn't go Eric didn't go.Which he should have,the kids missed him this week.

Now I worry that this is going to cause me a huge set back in training.:( I just worked so hard to get to were I am now,after my last injury.I worry that I am not cut out to do this.My body is fighting me all the way.I am going to be going to my ortho doctor this week and he is also a sports medicine doctor.Actually one of the top in our great country.I will know more about that later in the week.

I am glad that I can be of some help and give out any information that I can.I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I can still go to Disney this weekend.I need an out, even if its just for a day.

Have fun and train hard! C-ya at the start line in 08-09!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Stress,Pain, and Nutrition


Yesterday was a stressful day as the evening wore on.Unexpected occurrences happen and caused alot of stress on the family as a whole.So as a stress reliever we walked our 4 miles.This time I made a 4 minute gain! 1:07:14. And I did not spill my water this time!!!

Then I wake up this morning with pain.Tendinitis.Reoccurring,inflamed tendin.Painful.So I have it iced down, not at work today{caused by other stressful reasons}.Today is an off day,no exercising today.

Thank you again Jonathan,for your support.And you gave me a thought for a post today.


Fueling the body for such exercise and training becomes a huge demand.You are asking the body to use fuel that it is not use to using.So the body rebels and the cravings get worse.The metabolism is now working faster,burning more energy,using the stored up fats.A higher protein diet will help.Protein will fuel the muscles keep them from breaking down, and help recovery time from training.Also when we feel hungry the body is also telling you that you maybe a bit dehydrated.If you drink alot of soda,which is full of refined sugar,will also add to the cause and effect.This also causes the body to retain water. Don't fear the cravings do slowly go away.

Read the labels on what you eat, if you do not know the word,look it up,you will be surprised what it is and you are eating it.Really.

I agree with Kate{HI}about the Glaceau Vitamin Water.I like the power c too,Eric likes the XXX,the essential orange - orange also has potassium which is essential for the muscles like the heart for replenishing the electrolytes in the body.


Tonight we go to the local car show and take the hot wheels track and race die cast cars.Its fun for all the kids and we have a king of the track every week and post the picture on hot wheels collectors site.{not up yet}Its fun.If my left foot doesn't calm down from the pain I won't go.

So train hard, have fun!!!!

C-ya at the start line in 08-09!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just Another Day In Paradise

Today is like every other day.Get up,kiss your sweetheart as he goes out the door. Get the kids up to get them to where they are going. Then have breakfast,tidy up a bit,then off to the gym.Yes I go twice a day every other day.Even on days when I work.I work three days a week @ 12 hour shifts.
Yesterday evening we walked 4.0 miles outside.It took 1:11:36.Not bad for walking at a fast pace and not running at all.That is 23 minutes longer than my normal 3 miles.That is the complete outside of my neighborhood.Now we have to do that twice to get the 8 miles in for the TOT race,At 15 minutes per mile.I will struggle to get to that pace. Its hard, but the rewards are going to be great.Oh yeah try drinking water and walking really fast isn't easy either,it's gonna take practice.It was funny trying to open the bottle,was OK but drinking well that was the funny part.Trying to walk without moving up and down and watching were you are going,end up wearing the most of it.Well I did.Then try to eat a banana!?!That is just way to funny.
My BF has came up with a plan to help raise money to donate to the dream.I will reveal more later as it comes together.;)
Well I hope everyone has a good day and keep on training!!
C-ya at the start line in 08-09!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First Post

Today is mt first post.I have never done this before so here I go..

I have just been so inspired by everyone lately.It's amazing how we all are brought together by a common goal.The Walt Disney Half Marathon 2008. Other than all of us are all Disney fans.Amazing how everyone decided to do this long training process at the same time and do the same race.
I want to thank Jonathan for his blog and inspiration to keep going.There has been many times I just wanted to quit and I did not.I am glad to help him in his quest to send a pediactic cancer patient to Disney.I can't wait til the goal is reached.How exciting this will be.Oh yes Jonathan thank you for the intro to Kate's Thinking Spot. {Hi Kate :) }
I want to aslo thank my rock,my loving and wonderful BF.He has been right here the whole time and even though he can run alot faster and farther,he still runs with me and cheers me on.
We are training outside now.It is different than on the tredmill.I was running 3/4 of a mile at a time on the tm.I was run/walk 3 miles in 46 minutes.Now I have had to start all over again.It's humid here and my breathing is off pace now so I have to learn how to regain that endurance back.Today I weigh 220.I have lost ten pounds since Janruary 07.I will not weigh again till the middle of May.(hint hint)We have also registered for the Tower of Terror run in October this year.No turning back now!!
So this is me and my story on my journey to the Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2008

C-ya at the start line in 08-09!!!